Tiger who … ?

This is just… embarrassing.

The Tibetan spiritual leader also briefly addressed the Tiger Woods scandal and the golf star’s public comments Friday about straying from his Buddhist faith. Woods said he was raised Buddhist but needed to focus anew on finding balance between his faith and professional life.

The Dalai Lama said he did not know who Woods was, but said self-discipline is among Buddhism’s highest values.

When it comes to adultery, he said, “all religions have the same idea.”

“I think mainly whether you call it Buddhism or another religion, self-discipline, that’s important,” he said. “Self-discipline with awareness of consequences.”  

AP/yahoo story here


Pathetic media. Just pathetic. You have so many issues to discuss and report about, like his meeting with POTUS Obama, (okay, they did but) then someone decides it’s a good idea to ask the Dalai Lama his thoughts on Tiger Woods’ infidelities and “scandal”?!?

Sigh. Forgive them.


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  1. Photobucket

    • rb137 on February 21, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    as long as it keeps up their ratings. And it is sad.

    • taoskier on February 21, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    A few times I have panicked trying to find the remote as a replay starts, so I could hit mute..

    I’m guessing I have heard five seconds of his spiel, that’s plenty.

  2. in terms of prominence it’s Tiger and Richard Gere.

  3. equanimity, no matter what.

    Can you imagine this?  Did anybody ask the Pope about Tiger?  Did anybody ask the Archbishop of Canterbury?  Nope.  And so some dingbat asks HHDL about it.

    Does HHDL get pissed at this?  Does he tell the “reporter” to fuck off?  Does he hoist his middle digit?  Does he grimace? frown? looked shocked?  Does he suggest that he’s too important to be asked about celebrity lapses?  Nope.  He patiently answers the question.  He admits the parts he doesn’t know (i.e. who Tiger Woods is).  He explains the parts that are relevant. If only, if only, if only I could do 1/100th as well.  

  4. … I’m assuming that someone applied for a Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants from the Stimulus on behalf of some forest or woodland somewhere, which is causing a scandal.

    I’ve searched news stories on TIGER grants from the DOT, and can’t find anything. However, I did find out that people are attacking Ohio’s 3C grant.

  5. After cheering that the Golf Writers Association members voted to boycott Tiger’s “news” conference, I had hoped that for once the media would tell Tiger to “talk to the hand” and leave the rest of the world out of his drama, but noooo–they couldn’t resist giving free publicity to that spoiled brat ,   egotistical narcissitic moron …golfer. Of course the GWA decision was because Woods was staging the event, and not allowing more of them in a face to face session & a Q & A session.  And, the Golf Writers thought that the event was an “international event” worthy of massive media presence which Woods wanted to limit an control…  Meh.  

    Sadly, the “media professionals”–in their slobbering quest for ratings–decided to go ahead and air the staged and insincere crocodile tear performance by yet another of the growing hoard of celebrity jackasses–and laughably called it “news”.

    I couldn’t believe that every “news” station decided to cover the fiasco live while continuing to ignore real news–affecting real people.

    BTW, I admired the Dali Lama before his “Tiger Who” remark.  Now I really admire him.


  6. I was stuck at the car repair shop and could not escape teh Tiger apology tour, live on teevee! Geez Louise!

    Sex addiction, my little pinky! It’s not a disease! Lack of control is more likely and maybe self esteem problems. A real man would’ve told the media to f-off, but nooo gotta keep the sponsors happy.

    On another note: They had to escort your Holiness out the door where the trash was stashed? Really?

  7. tonight CNN 9PM EST.

  8. the US hockey win over Canada?  

    • Diane G on February 22, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    All the best to you in this coming year, dear friend!

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