The Factor: Illiterate is Cool 20100211

I am jotting this down really fast because of the midnight pumpkin thing here on Kos.  I will flesh it out in the next half hour.

I monitor FOX “News” so that you do not have to do so.  This evening there was one of the most outrageous installments that I have seen.

Bill interviewed a young woman who was purportedly robbed of her debating prize because of her pro-life views.  We will examine this a bit further.

The orator in the scene is named Elizabeth Trisler, (I am not sure about the last name, only what I can take from O’Reilly, but it perhaps is close.  The way he blows out of his mouth makes it difficult to read his lips).  Remember, I am doing this post in near real time.

He is impressed with both her oratory and her message, a prolife one.  This is fine, as I welcome all thoughts on every issue.

The part that makes me interested is her response that begins with “Me and…”  What a wonderful way to begin an oration!  The link to the entire thing is here.

I apologize that this has been a disjointed post, but there were few minutes before cutoff time, and I needed to get going when I saw it.

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