The AFA has turned Cowardly 20100225

Well, the American Family Association, that bastion of truth, has stopped taking its own comments from users.  To comment there, now one has to sign up for a Facebook account or your word is not noted, nor can one read other comments.

I am not completely surprised, but I thought that they might be more honest a site, like ‘Dharma and Kos.  But, then again, no.

Not only are the AFA folks nauseous, they are also dishonest.  They will not even monitor their own site for comments now, but rather pawn it off to Facebook, a site to which I do not subscribe, nor plan to do so.

The logic is simple:  now AFA is not responsible for the literally terrorist comments that I have quoted many times in this venue before.  They now can just say that another site hosted them.

I suspect that many readers are Facebook subscribers.  If you are, and have some energy, contact Facebook and and request that the American Family Association be banned from using Facebook as their filter for hatred.  I believe that they are abusing Facebook to reduce their liability for hate talk.

Please correct me if I have the wrong idea, but I do not think that I have.  The AFA is devious, dishonest, and will take any action to further their means.  I have cut and pasted comments on that site many times to show their folly, and now they do not allow it.  Big, strong, Christians that route their comments to a third party.

At least ‘Dharma and Kos do not go for that poor excuse for comments.  These are both honorable sites.

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  1. a very vulgar site?

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