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Added: There have been a couple of mentions in the replies, in the KOS diary, about naming a building in Honor to Vernon, my thoughts are with those thinking and voicing that! Wherever they reopen the IRS building in Austin that’s what should happen, and instead of in a leased space the Government should build that building!! So any possible Government folks or media types who just happen to click on this diary, How About It!!

Second thought on a building. The WWII, Korean and especially the brother ‘Nam Vets have been asking for a VA Hospital, not clinic, in the Rio Grande Valley for decades, that call has been refreshed by the OEF and OIF Veterans recently, not to slight the IRS workers but I think this would be a Perfect Honor for our Fallen Brother!

This is going to be short, but I need to say a few things about recent tragic event as we find out about a lost brother!

Son of missing IRS employee speaks out after plane crash

Vernon Hunter, a 67-year-old IRS worker, was killed in the crash.

When Ken Hunter first heard about a plane crashing into his father’s office building in Austin, he said he hoped his dad, Vernon Hunter, wasn’t there.


“I saw the building and that was my dad’s office building. So I called maybe eight times or more,” Ken said.

But his dad never picked up the phone. A few hours later, he learned his dad was missing.


“There was just too much going on about what the guy did and what he believed in, and enough’s enough,” he said. “They don’t need to talk about him. Talk about my dad. You know, some people are trying to make this guy out to be a hero, a patriot. My dad served two terms in Vietnam. This guy never served at all. My dad wasn’t responsible for his tax problems.”  


Foster said Vernon Hunter was a proud Vietnam Vet and a great neighbor.

“He was just a real tender man,” he said. “It was always good to talk to him. He was just a nice guy.”

Now, as cars gather in front of the Hunter residence, a neighborhood braces itself and offers support.

Vernon Hunter leaves behind a wife, a son and daughter and six grandchildren. >>>>>

UpDate Thanks to Ripeness Is All who placed a link to a video able to embed.

I have been in a rage since this happened!

I’ve seen so many people commenting on this scum pilot these last couple of days, Domestic Criminal Terrorist, on how he shouldn’t have done what he did But he had a righteous, populist rage against the Government for his tax troubles They were causing him!

This Terrorist flew a quarter million dollar plane, he owned, into a building intent of killing as many people as possible! It was a well planned attack, right down to a many page written suicide note of his rants against The Man!

It’s been reported he had his business license stripped in California twice for evading taxes, one of those times, I heard, had something to do with a partner and religious ideology as tax exempt. My guess is if he ever had any employee’s he was screwing them like he kept trying to screw the government, Us!!

He gets absolutely no sympathy from this Veteran and now we find out the one that died was a brother ‘Nam Vet who did not one but two tours In-Country!

Those trying to justify what that ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ did and especially those who have been glorifying him are just as guilty as he is, only difference is they didn’t pull the trigger of a destructive terror event!!!!!

RIP Brother Vernon, ‘Nam Vet, RIP!! Thoughts and Prayers are with you and for your family and many friends, You Sir Will Be Missed!!

2nd UpDate Thanks to Just Bob of which I found at first opening on waking up, and Thanks for keeping this up this long, more folks will see.

Fund for the family

I was wondering the same thing.

   In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations be made to a scholarship/trust fund for Vernon Hunter’s grandchildren, to be established at the Austin Telco Federal Credit Union, under the direction of Mrs. Pamela Williams-Cotton.  This process will not be complete until after burial services.  Thank you.

I put the credit union link in the body, if donating you might want to contact first.

You might also ask about any similar for the Wife and step Daughter of the pilot, they will need the Communities help as well, they are just as much victims of this twisted mind as are all who were in that building!

Should have added this last night! Thanks to lirtydies in the replies, if you’re in Austin TX Crash will take a psychological toll

Local hospital system to offer trauma debriefings

Seton Shoal Creek Hospital at 3501 Mills Avenue is offering Trauma Debriefings for anyone directly or indirectly affected by the plane crash. You don’t need an appointment.

Here are the sessions:

• Friday, Feb. 19 – 12 noon – 4:00 pm

• Monday, Feb. 22 – 12 noon – 4:00 pm

• Tuesday, Feb. 23 – 12 noon – 4:00 pm

For more information call Seton Shoal Creek Hospital at 512-324-2000.

3rd UpDate

This from this mornings, 02.22.10, Austin American-Statesman online newspaper. While it’s more about the immediate road near the building it also delves into the ongoing investigation especially with this:

Stack also lashed out at his Austin accountant, Bill Ross, in the anti-IRS screed.

“Mr. Stack contacted my firm to help with his personal taxes in 2008. He failed to provide me with all his income and other information resulting in an IRS audit,” Ross said in a statement. Ross has not returned calls placed to his home and office.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Stack ignored the audit and my advice which only complicated his situation, at which time our firm disengaged our services with Mr. Stack whom we have not been in contact with since October 2009,” the statement said. >>>>>


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    • jimstaro on February 21, 2010 at 20:35

    There are three video’s at this reports site, following in order you can visit there and watch or click these links, first one Here, second one Here and the last one Here

    They don’t have an embed code nor can I catch them for the video link, I’m going to download all three and hopefully put them together as one.

    • jimstaro on February 21, 2010 at 21:47

    And were doing the Buts these last few days:

    This Is My “Righteous and Populist” Thoughts on a Brother Lost and the scum who killed him and tried to take as many lives as he could!

    There’s more going on in my mind, I would be equally pissed, and was, for anyone killed, but to find out he was a Brother ‘Nam Vet and Did Twenty Years Service for this Country while many don’t want to pony up to properly fund the Veterans Administration, even with two long running occupations going, like the one who killed him!

    This sits well above the ‘purple heart bandages’, and that stays in my mind, and many defending the ‘domestic criminal terrorist’ were of the same group laughing and enjoying that ‘joke?’!!!

  1. he was still working.  Even if he hadn’t served 2 tours in Nam, even if he never served a minute, he was trying to make a living.  He was working at his job. And he deserved to be able to do that without being killed in an aircraft attack.

    My sympathy to his family and especially his grandkids.

  2. one I find repugnant, is in this defense of Joe Stack essay that appeared earlier today.

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