Numbers to Think About

Number of Americans killed on 9/11:


Number of Iraqis Killed by us since:



Number of Afghanistanis (that they admit to, anyway) killed by us since:



So, we have killed One Million, three hundred eighty four thousand, one hundred fifty six people, give or take in two countries because nineteen men from countries OTHER than these two committed a crime:

Fifteen Saudi Arabians, two from The United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt and one from Lebanon hijacked planes.

1,384,156 – divided by – 2819 – equals – 491ish people killed for every American killed.

Kill an American? We take out 500 people from random unrelated countries until Al Qaida becomes a franchise wherever our terror is sold.

Here’s an easier way to think about it:

1000 for every 2 of us.

And all our drones and smart bombs target “terrorists” like those above. The civilian price is CHILDREN, god damn it.

Can you imagine if someone killed a million and a half of us?

Why should the Middle East NOT hate us?



    • Diane G on February 16, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    They killed 5 more kids today, 10 civilian parents…

    and civilian casualties are up exponentially since last year.

    Fuck it fuck it fuck it fuck it.

    • TMC on February 17, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    the birth defects that are now being seen at alarming rates in areas where depleted uranium ammunition was used.

    Iraq to sue U.S., Britain over depleted uranium bombs

    Iraq’s Ministry for Human Rights will file a lawsuit against Britain and the U.S. over their use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq, an Iraqi minister says.

    Iraq’s Minister of Human Rights, Wijdan Mikhail Salim, told Assabah newspaper that the lawsuit will be launched based on reports from the Iraqi ministries of science and the environment.

    According to the reports, during the first year of the U.S. and British invasion of Iraq, both countries had repeatedly used bombs containing depleted uranium.

    According to Iraqi military experts, the U.S. and Britain bombed the country with nearly 2,000 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the early years of the Iraq war.

    Atomic radiation has increased the number of babies born with defects in the southern provinces of Iraq.

    Iraqi doctors say they’ have been struggling to cope with the rise in the number of cancer cases — especially in cities subjected to heavy U.S. and British bombardment.

    Birth defects soar in Gaza after Israeli incursion

    A medical group has warned that birth defects have spiked in the Gaza Strip, blaming the use of phosphorus bomb by the Israeli regime during the 22-day attack on the territory.

    Dr. Adnan al-Wahidi, director of the medical services Human Earth, confirms reports on the trend and says the use of such munitions against civilians is against the international law.

    High levels of toxins caused by the bombs, as well as the trauma of the war, are cited the main reasons doctors are seeing a higher number of defects in children born since four years ago.

    Wahidi also blamed the sever malnutrition for the rise in birth defect. The years-long blockade of the Gaza Strip has virtually blocked the entry of food and medical supplies to the territory and people are reeling under the crippling lockdown.

    The warning comes days after the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said the disastrous consequences of the three-week conflict continue to affect the lives of the people of Gaza eight months on.

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