No mas d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d !!!

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On the topic of extra-judicial assassinations of Americans by CIA hit squads, Glenn Greenwald writes:

…government officials often abuse their power and/or err and therefore must prove accusations to be true (with tested evidence) before they’re assumed to be true and the person punished accordingly.

I wonder what he’s talking about.

Veronica Bowers, 35, and her seven-month-old daughter, Charity, were killed when their Cessna was mistaken for a drug plane in 2001…

…A cockpit video tape obtained by ABC News shows how a CIA spotter plane sneaked up behind the Cessna and wrongly identified it as a drug plane. CIA operatives then called in the Peruvian Air Force.

Here’s the video stripped of commercial content via

And here’s ABC’s video pairing the gruesome assassination with “Honey Bunches of O’s” advertising:…

Congressman Pete Hoestrka said, “The intelligence community’s performance in terms of accountability has been unacceptable. These were Americans that were killed with the help of their Government, the community covered it up, they delayed investigating.

According to The :

The CIA said that after a nine year investigation, it had concluded that 16 of its employees should be disciplined.

The nine-year investigation is clearly evidence of the seriousness and thoroughness of the CIA’s investigation.  16 people.  Disciplined.  Should be.

I imagine the debriefing at Langley went something like this:

Unbelievable!  We botch ONE assassination, and now WE’RE the bad guys!  And hey, it wasn’t even us.  I was like all, uh, “Bandito?  Amigo?  Bandito?  Amigo?  No seguro,” and shit, and I think they [the Peruvians] misunderstood me.  The Peruvian air force said, “Bandito?” and I was like “Bandito?” and they’re like, “Bandito?” and I’m like, “Bandito?”  Then I’m like saying to my co-pilot, “I’m not sure, dude.”  And he’s like, “me neither.”  Then out of nowhere this fighter comes in and starts shooting.  I guess they didn’t understand me.  And then the pilot of the Cessna starts going all, “They’re killing us!  They’re killing us!”  And then I’m like all, “No mas d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d !!!”


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  1. It’s also amazing that spanish is spoken in our country, on our frickin borders, and in our hemisphere extensively, and the CIA can’t find fluent operatives?  Imagine how these ops go down in the Middle East.


  3. 1.  Remind me again why the plane had to be shot down?  Because it was near the Peru-Brazilian border (I think the river you see in some shots is the Madre de Dios, but not sure).  If it made a right turn, out of Peruvia airspace into Brazil it would “escape.”  But wasn’t the point to prevent a drug plane from coming into Peru?  So if it went to Brazil (where it could not be followed) wasn’t that ok?

    2.  How can you have a CIA guy who no habla Espanol be on the radio with a Peruvian jet jockey and nobody can say to the jet jockey, “Hey, it doesn’t fit the f*cking profile, do not shoot at it.”  That must be a phrase that they didn’t teach the pilot at the SOA (now WHINSEC).  How come there is no discussion about that in English OR in Spanish?

    3.  If the plane took no evasive action and it did not turn out of Peruvian airspace, remind me again why it had to be brought down when it was being followed by the Peruvian jet and the CIA plane.  Couldn’t they just follow it until it landed?


  4. The radio communication sounds like the “Who`s on first” recording.

    You`d think the risk of “bandidos” fleeing into Brazil`s airspace, would be worth going down for a closer look at tail #`s, over blasting an “amigo, amiga, y nina” out of the sky.

    I remember when that happened.

    Then a while later, I remembered it again, when I heard about all the arab language translators who were fired for being afflicted with “teh gay”.

    You wonder how many innocents were killed because of lack of proper communication without those translators.

    It didn`t seem to me like there was much concern over the possible outcome of the small plane`s fate by the CIA in the observer plane.

    Then it was like, OK, we`re outta here.  

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