*New Resolution By Dennis Kucinich

Afghanistan “Awash with US Cash and US Blood”

WASHINGTON – February 26 – Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement about the ongoing war in Afghanistan:

“The Washington Post reports that nearly one billion dollars per year in cash, suspected to include U.S. aid, opium receipts or both, is moving from Afghanistan to Dubai, where friends and family of Afghanistan’s President Karzai have multimillion dollar villas.

“Dubai real estate deals and a number of crooked enterprises connected to the Karzai family have created crony capitalism in a country awash with U.S. cash and U.S. blood.

“Nearly 1000 U.S. soldiers have died. And for what? Hundreds of billions spent. And for what?  To make Afghanistan safe for crooks, drug dealers and crony capitalism?

“Next Thursday, I will bring a privileged resolution to this House so that Congress can claim our constitutional right to end this war and to bring our troops home.  Please support the resolution.”

      –Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Kucinich will introduce the resolution on Thursday, March 4, 2010.  

It is expected that the resolution will be taken up for consideration on the following Wednesday, March 10, 2010 and that the debate will be subject to a rule providing for three hours of debate.


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  2. The whore-Democrats totally caved and renewed the goddamned Patriot Act, and Kucinich was one of a grand total of about two Representatives who actually fought against it.

    Since space on the interent is cheap, (and how much of it is as worthwhile as Kucinich slamming the Patriot Act?) I’m posting the statement from his Congressional website.

    “This legislation extends three problematic provisions of the PATRIOT Act and, at the same time, leaves some of the most egregious provisions in place, absent any meaningful reform and debate.  

    “The three provisions being extended today include the “roving wiretap;” which allows the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to issue secret orders to wiretap any target without having to specify the target or the device.  This extension also includes the “lone wolf” surveillance provision, which allows intelligence agencies to conduct investigations of non-U.S. individuals not connected to a foreign power or terrorist group – a provision that the Administration has never had to use.  Finally, this legislation would extend Section 215 powers of the PATRIOT Act, which allow the government to order any entity to turn over “any tangible things” as long as it specifies it is for “an authorized investigation.”  Section 215 orders constitute a serious violation of Fourth and First Amendment rights by allowing the government to demand access to records often associated with the exercise of First Amendment rights, such as library records.  

    “Despite years of documentation evidencing abuse of these provisions during the Bush Administration, the Department of Justice has failed to hold Bush Administration officials accountable for illegal domestic spying by barring any lawsuits to be brought against those officials.  Months into this Administration, The New York Times reported that the National Security Agency had “intercepted private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits,” and that the practice was “significant and systematic.”  Passage of this legislation today continues to make Congress complicit in these violations of our basic constitutional rights.    

    “A letter written by the American Bar Association in 2005 to Members of Congress expressed grave concern over ‘inadequate Congressional oversight of government investigations undertaken pursuant to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act…to assure that such investigations do not violate the First, Fourth, and Fifth amendments to the Constitution.’  As Members of Congress sworn to protect the rights and civil liberties afforded to us by the Constitution, we have a responsibility to exercise our oversight powers fully, and significantly reform the PATRIOT Act, ensuring that the privacy and civil liberties of all Americans are fully protected.  More than eight years after the passage of the PATRIOT Act, we have failed to do so.  As National Journal correspondent Shane Harris recently put it, we have witnessed the rise of an ‘American Surveillance State.’ We have come to love our fears more than we love our freedoms,” said Kucinich

  3. not completely owned, cloned or mind controlled by “The evil Illuminati”.

    Dennis, Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney.

  4. “Nearly 1000 U.S. soldiers have died. And for what? Hundreds of billions spent. And for what?  To make Afghanistan safe for crooks, drug dealers and crony capitalism?

    That’s pretty much it, Dennis.

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