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In case you haven’t heard and before they remove it all together.

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — A small airplane crashed into an office building in Austin, Texas which reportedly housed an Internal Revenue Service office, according to media reports Thursday. However, Austin officials said the crash is not terror related. So far, two people have been sent to the hospital and one person is unaccounted for, the authorities said. They declined to comment on the pilot. But the Wall Street Journal reported that a Texan named Joseph Stack made an Internet posting that indicated that he was responsible for the crash.

Here is the original link:  

What may become a future trend of domestic terrorism … one of our own finally called it quits. Whether you agree with his actions or not is beside the point. Joe Stacks actions were not taken for fame but were one mans protest to what has become a rigged game with two sets of rules.

Maybe its not terrorism at all, since that word is bandied about to describe all who do not toe the line according to the ‘rule makers’. Call it an extreme protest, or how about the only way an individual can be heard since our domestic bureaucracy is closely affiliated with the money powers and corporations.

As I type I can see his manifesto has already been taken down. You can find it moved to here:…

R.I.P Joe Stack


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  1. Haven’t we learned from recent events that since this plane hit a steel structured building we can expect it to collapse in approximately 90 minutes?

    And if it doesn’t … what does it say about the WTC?

  2. I (hope obviously) don’t agree with the end of it, but I understand why the FBI had it taken down.

    This dude was no nutcase.  Killing men and women who are just doing their jobs (albeit for the machine) is not the answer, but the letter is not full of wild eyed conspiracy mongering nor is it full of crazed anger.

    It is almost chillingly lucid and describes in point for point detail how the average everyday middle class American has no power in this society anymore, and is taken advantage of, again and again and again, while fat cats make up rules and use the law to steal our money.  How Stack’s retirement and savings were destroyed again and again by these self same people — to do, what?  

    To enrich bankers and do nothing Congressmen, and to pay the military to go to exotic new places with unimaginably expensive toys, meet interesting new people, and kill them.

    • TMC on February 18, 2010 at 23:19

    from Breaking news earlier that said he set his house on fire before he went on his suicide mission.

    Update: Pilot who crashed small plane into Austin office building set house on fire before the incident, federal official tells CNN

    • TMC on February 18, 2010 at 23:43

    As per BreakingNews

    Update: Austin suicide pilot planted bomb in car at airport, federal officials tell NBC; bomb squad trying to defuse it

  3. The complete analysis on this latest false flag is here.

    Like ignoring the global 911 truthers mainstream media is following their orders in demonizing both for that glorious Fatherland of corpo-fascism.


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