Heather Graham Stars in MoveOn Ad: the Public Option Is Not Dead!

From MoveOn:

Big Insurance has been feeling pretty smug, thinking they’d killed the public option. But it’s hard to keep down something that a majority of Americans want. The public option IS BACK!  

The new spot, a Web video that recasts the footage from the earlier spot with permission from Graham herself, shows reps from the insurance industry feeling smug about having killed the public option, only to be startled when she reappears.


“When a majority of Americans supports something, it’s hard to keep a good idea down,” the spot says. “The public option is making a comeback. Over 20 Senators and over 100 House members have endorsed putting the public option back on the table.”


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    • TomP on February 23, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    stepping up for the public option!

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