FORK IT! Fine me, tax me, whatever, but I ain’t gonna pay

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   No public option, no deal.

   I will NOT be forced to buy private insurance from the crooked cartels.

   I will NOT allow my wages to be forced into padding some millionaire CEO’s salary.

   I will NOT be robbed and told how much my robber is helping me.

This is what I think of your freaking mandates, mister Congresscritter.

   Fine me, Tax me, whatever, I don’t give a flying fork, but I ain’t gonna pay, no way, no how.

   If you want my money, you can frigging pry it from my cold, dead, uninsured hands.

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    Let it be known here and now, I will NOT be forced to buy junk insurance from the for-profit death by spreadsheet insurance cartels that have robbed and killed my fellow Americans for decades without end.

Mandate? Bullcrap!

   I am uninsured for a good reason. I CAN NOT AFFORD IT! I am unemployed now, but even when I was fully employed I still couldn’t afford health insurance. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS TOO EXPENSIVE! Subsidies won’t fix that without NON PROFIT COMPETITION to drive prices down. So sue me for not having an extra $700 lying around at the end of the month on my gaudy $10+ per hour wage. I didn’t have it then and after the Wall St clusterf$%k that still hasn’t been re-regulated or resolved, I don’t have it now.

   I don’t need mandates to force me to buy shit I don’t want or subsidies paid with my own tax dollars to help me want it more, I need a fucking job. If the fools on the Hill can’t help me get a job but can spend my money for me before I have even earned it I have news for them, and it isn’t suitable for any children in the room to hear.

   As for a mandate to buy junk insurance from the private insurance industry that has bled my countrymen and women dry for over half a century, BULLSHIT! I will make it my personal mission to throw out of power the politicians who force this Corporatist farce of a reform down my throat. I was not screwing around last summer when I said Dear Dems, Feed me a Sh!t Sandwich on HCR and I’ll BURN THIS MFing TENT TO THE GROUND. I meant it then and I mean it now.

    And to those who will wail and gnash teeth and say “But we will lose our majorities” I will say GUESS WHAT? WE NEVER HAD MAJORITIES IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    41 Conservatives + 15 ConservaDems IS the Majority!

    Because the Democratic party is on the verge of doing something that the Republicans have only done in their wildest dreams, they are about to privatize America’s health insurance industry.

    And I am supposed to consider that a victory? For who, me?

    Dems will try to look surprised if/when they get their asses handed to them in 2010, as if they had no idea why they might lose, as if screwing your base over by finding any reason you can to NOT use your majorities and put in competition and cost controls for the insurance cartels had nothing to do with it, despite those overwhelming majorities and all. Aw, shucks, kabuki is sure complicated and hard, isn’t it, Walt?

So for the Democrats reading this, I am certain others will agree with me.

Tax me

Fine me

F#$k it, I don’t care. I am poorer and deeper in debt than I have ever been, and you can’t get blood from a stone.

And you can’t get votes or volunteer work or campaign donations from a stone either.

So good luck in 2010, dear Dems. You’ll need it, because there are many, many others like me who will be damned before they re-elect a bunch of corporatist crooks like these to rob us and smile in our faces over it. Again.

   We don’t have the votes for a public option? Bullshit. We don’t have the BALLS.

   The banks own those too.

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  1. Cause that’s all your gonna get from me.



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  2. acro-o-o-o-o-o-o-ss the room.

  3. Do I file a tax return this year or not.  I think perhaps all of us should this year only because the Illuminati is behind in the complete destruction of America theme.  You know when Army trucks start rolling through town a fucking IRS return is going to be the last thing on anybody’s mind.

    So, right now, and this could change, I do recommend filing a return.  Hoping I get to say “Last Summer Before Armageddon” once again.

    Next year we can all do the Joe Stack thing.

    • Eddie C on February 24, 2010 at 17:50

    Sure if you were a corporation performing mass murder this government would turn a blind eye but if the regulations don’t crush you immediately, they will have no problem getting that Senate up to 60 to make the penalties  much more harsh.

    That is what we have for government.  

  4. And the Democrats come tumbling out

  5. it looked good in orange too. I have no idea where I stand politically these days, except I do know I don’t believe a word I’m hearing or reading that pours out of now upside down political party’s and their machines, the news, blogs or publications. It’s a mixed up churned up world right now a stew of propaganda and illogical doublethink. I called and emailed yesterday all the while thinking this whole thing stinks, I want nothing to do with any of it. I know what the IRS is capable of doing, they are a division of The Treasury, their the strong arm collection side. The so called health care industries for profit are not going to invade my being with their unhealthy motivation and their drugs with warnings so dire that I get sick listening to them.  

    Last night I watched Rachael it was like she was two different people. She gave a great little rant about how insurance co.’s are doing what they are supposed to do as fiduciary institutions, but are detrimental to the countries well being. In the next breath she is pumping passing The Bill as we all need relief and the Democrats must win the ‘reform’ battle. It hurts my head and heart, and turns me into an old time anarchist, a teabagger, a FDR socialist, and a ‘don’t tread on me’ revolutionary, all in same moment mingling together and saying Fuck You including the horse you rode in on.

    That would be the horse I bought and paid for along with millions of other people. The one that hid all the lobbyists and torturers, banksters, extortionists and mercenaries, who are now popping out and demanding access to my wallet, my body, my support and the worst my mind. In order to support any of this you need to let go of your brain and soul. Hard to do as I’ve tried that and the IRS comes and takes away what little you have. But I called and wrote, why? Because the Republicans are worse? Are they now?  I don’t believe that either, they were also in the horse and today there going to help Obama get us some ‘health care’.    


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