Dems: Our Votes or Their Money?

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Wait, don’t answer yet! Before you make the reflexive 21st century choice of the DC politician, stop and remember one thing:

Their money is only used to buy our votes.

Unless of course you are keeping it in your freezer. And look where that got your buddy.

We The People are angry at you.

We are angry at you because you are ignoring us, The People you are supposed to be representing. Instead you are representing the Corporations that are filling your coffers with money. Money you undoubtedly need……but please stop, think, and remember…you only need it for one reason.

To buy advertising.

In order to TRY to buy our votes.

Their money is only used to buy our votes.

But times are changing. You just can’t fool Most of The People as easily as you once did. We are now going to demand something for our votes. We will not give them to you just because you buy enough advertising anymore. You are going to have to earn them by doing what WE want now. Not but doing what The Corporations want and assuming we will fall for your ads, or vote along party lines, or any of the other assumptions you have made.

So you have to make a choice, Democrats. Which is more valuable to you? Their money, or our votes? Do you want 10,000 dollars, or 10,000 votes?

Do you want us hitting the streets and phones working to elect you? Or do you want to go to Corporate Cocktail Parties?

If the answer is votes, and The People working to get you elected…you better start earning that. Now. Because NO amount of money and advertising is going to convince us to put you back in office ….just so you can keep screwing us.

Those days are over.

You can take their money and do what they want…..or you can take our votes and do what we want.

Which will it be?

You can’t have both anymore, sorry.


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    • Edger on February 9, 2010 at 20:40

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    too!  🙂

  2. They can become more openly criminal.  They can take our money, and use it in Palinesque ways.  The enforcement of laws against corruption for the highest offices in the land has been lax.  To the extent those muscles are not exercised things will get worse.

    The corporations do not care who their pet human in Congress is in any given seat.  And as long as they can be extortionist about who gets elected in any given seat (Democrat or Republican) and the system is rigged against progressive change, yes, they’ll go to the cocktail parties, because that’s what they do in Washington.  They’ll do more than that .. they’ll take the corporate money and use it to enrich themselves personally and openly flout the laws against these things.

    And, yes, corrupt Democrats will try to use the netroots and others into browbeating ordinary Americans, in royalist fashion, into working for their campaigns anyway.  We are being told, and are going to be told more openly, hey that’s just the way the system works, sorry.  It may not fly, but in Washington they will learn that lack of chutzpah is never rewarded, while amazing hubris and arrogance sometimes is.

    Like I said, like it is now but only worse.  Much worse.  Who cares about the American people?  Few in Congress do.  If you don’t give a crap about the American people the only reason to stay in Congress is to enrich yourself.  As long as you can do that in two years rather than four, six, or eight, they won’t care overly much about being reelected.

    Washington has to be shaken to the core.

  3. THEM?  

    I’m still trying to understand why our messages keep getting blocked, jammed and drowned out by the corporatists, the tea baggers, and the cocktail-weenie-eating media types.

    How do we get our message through those barriers?  As I mentioned in another comment, the WH gatekeepers are blocking  progressive access, and pretend not to hear progressive voices, although their hubris is

    sinking the Presidency

    in the process.

    As for the Congressional “gatekeepers”?  Are they passing along the messages?  Are the congress critters getting the messages but denying them because their corporate owners tell them to?  

    Or–are the messages too muted, too disorganized and/or too contradictory?  I don’t know the answers–I’m just mulling the questions at this point & looking for enlightenment.

  4. If Democrats keep ignoring their base and pandering to big corporate donors, vote Green this November.

    If the people who put Obama in the White House stay home or vote R in protest (as in, how Scott Brown won in MA) the DLC and corporate media are going to raise a racket about how the DP needs to go farther right (in corpspeak, ‘move to the center’) to stay in power.

    If you vote Green, you show them that they can’t take your vote for granted. You tell them: give us progressive policy, or we’ll support someone who will.

  5. you to start blogging on GOS again?  

    And what is up with the apparent truce over there?  

  6. My funny little (meant in fun anyway) comment caused someones to get mean n’ nasty.

    Strange place is the orange.

  7. Ok they take your money

    Ignore what you vote for

    Corporate manufactures your reality based upon what comes out of the think tanks of Satan’s highest minions.

    They astroturf, hijack, neuro-linguistically social engineer.  If you work for them they own you.  They can frisk you, make you abide by legalese agreements you don’t even have a copy of, they can pressure you to accept toxins by injection, chide you into not accepting modest tips while they rape entire countries with secret slush funds.  Corporate molitov cocktail party is way past due here.

    OK, so I went to business school but want to be the union rep.

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