Dear Mr. President

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Seeking to brand himself as the anti-establishment politician, Rep. Joe Sestak has put up a Web ad directly attacking President Obama for supporting Republican-turned-Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania primary.

It features a black-and-white montage of Obama supporters expressing deep disappointment that the president is supporting Specter. An acoustic star strums throughout, the whole effect similar to the “Yes We Can” music video made by of the Black Eyed Peas in the 2008 campaign.

“That’s not change we can believe in,” the Obama/Sestak backers say.

Since Sestak is now aiming at Obama, it sheds an interesting light on his blurting out last week an accusation that the White House had offered him an important federal job in order to drop his challenge to Specter. Was it an accident? (By the way, Sestak still has not provided any details of that offer that can be independently confirmed.)  link

Genuine or not, it is a pleasure to have a Democrat call Obama out.  


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  1. politically for those who are smart enough to see that this administration is not pulling off it’s bamboozle? Specter signed The PO Letter so will he tack left and populist? I like this turn of events. I also liked the truck driving asshole voting to let the jobs bill on the floor. Puts Ben Nelson and his ilk in a light they deserve. I should be one of the people in the ad I worked my butt off for Obama and spent a fortune. The people who I worked with in the campaign were not like the Obama zombies online, they were a mixed bag from libertarians and to union workers and did not want by-partisan or centrist but real change not change that was just about changing the ‘culture’ or more ‘civility’ in the village. They were motivated by the fierce urgency of having thugs turning the country into a fascist state.    

    Nothing irks me more then hearing these arrogant clueless assholes talk about their procedures are inviolate.  Chris Dodd said that he wants to keep the filibuster as what lacking is ‘chemistry’ between the members. Yeah right, it’s about their chemistry. I believe that they are partners in crime.

    “There’s nothing wrong with partisanship. We’ve got to get over this notion that there’s something evil about partisanship,” the Connecticut senator said. “It’s the lack of civility.”

    The evil is the collusion of all of these rat bastards to achieve the same agenda, legislation and policies that the voters wanted stopped and reversed. By-partisan means one party rule with the Republican’s being the strawman that gets them the legislation they all want. Perhaps this is a political ploy but I hope more of them jump from the sinking ship into the populist tide.        


  2. … throw him, either.

    For him to attempt, as a former Navy Admiral, to portray himself as an some sort of anti establishment maverick must be some sort of joke.

    People really want to believe he’s something different, but he’s not.  He hinted that he was going to run for Senate long before he officially filed, the end result was that his Congressional campaign account picked up gobs of cash, over a million $,  from all these corporate interests.  (who also donate to a lot of Republicans).  Now he can, if he’s clever, give this to other candidates who then recycle it back to him via PACs.

    He talked a great game in 2006 in the PA Congressrace. His district is conservative, I know this as I have relatives there.   He’s voted with the Dems.   But we got to the spring of 2009 and he and his supporters were posting things on GOS about health care without specifically stating whether or not he was for the Public Option, I know this because I specifically kept after him and his staff, and they kept bullshitting me on it and instead were giving me links (which I read.) which had nothing in it.  He’s another one of these 3rd way types who will say they favor it but don’t follow thru on it. Okay, that’s alright to be that way, but it’s disengenuous as hell to keep doing it.   Only when Specter tacked left in the primary process and publicly committed, did Sestak follow.

    My other problem is that I see that the Pentagon Contractor and Republican PR firm Russo Marsh Rogers / Move America Forward has been targeting Sestak’s opponent, Arlen Specter.  Since these sons of ****s  specialize in swiftboating Democratic candidates who are not complete tools of the military – industrial complex, their going after Specter has been the kiss of death for me as far as supporting Sestak.   I say this having worked on a campaign with another Dem they targeted and seeing their lying bullshit up close and personal.

    I would hate to see people get disappointed again with somebody getting into office and then doing a 180º turn.  At least with Specter you know exactly what you are getting.

    Big conundrum in the PA Dem Senate Primary.

    This is how effed up things are in the Democratic Party right now, that I am defending Arlen the former effing Republican Specter, roflmao.  

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