Ya know, she does look kinda Jewish!

I’ve seen an awful lot of human evil over the years, especially the last 10 or so.

This one has to rank right up there in its sheer depravity.  

And because I know that someone, somewhere, is laughing about this, thinking it’s truly a good joke.

See this girl?

Well, she’s being exploited by a Jewish organization that is trying to raise money for their “cause”.    Their supposed cause is to help out “poor little Israeli children”.  

Their site is here complete with the word “SHOCKING”, in red (of course) flashing hypnotically at the top of the screen.

What’s so bad about this?  People raising money to help poor children?   How is that so bad?

Well, because they’re using the face of a Palestinian girl, a poor little girl at her brother’s funeral in Gaza, in Palestine.   The girl is Palestinian and the girl’s brother was slaughtered by Israel.

As you can plainly see here.  (WARNING:  If you don’t want to see some extremely upsetting images, don’t click on this link)

You can see one of their ads here, on the Haaretz.com page:

I guess she looks kinda Jewish.   Jewish enough to exploit.    If her brother wasn’t dead, maybe they could have used his picture, too.

Not sure why they didn’t use this picture.   She looks kinda Jewish also, in fact a lot like the one they did use:

Or this one!   She could be Jewish, and sure could use some help, no?

I mean, c’mon, Meir Panim, why not those?

Lowlife human scum.  

One of the most evil things I think I’ve ever seen.

I’ll just leave you with a little more factual information about how Israel is able to do this.   Because they’re only able to do this because of blind, unequivocal United States support.

That’s you, me, all of us.    

In these days of economic crisis, budget overruns, earmarks, and multi-billion dollar bailouts, when Americans are being forced to tighten their own belts, one of the most automatic earmarks-a bailout by any measure-goes to a foreign government but is little understood by most Americans.  U.S. military aid to Israel is doled out in annual increments of billions of dollars but remains virtually unchallenged while other fiscal outlays are drastically cut.

The United States and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding in August 2007 committing the U.S. to give Israel $30 billion in military aid over the next decade.  This is grant aid, given in cash at the start of each fiscal year.  The only stipulation imposed on Israel’s use of this cash gift is that it spend 74 per cent to purchase U.S. military goods and services.

The first grant under this agreement was made in October 2008, for FY2009, in the amount of $2.55 billion.  To bring the total 10-year amount to $30 billion, amounts in future years will gradually increase until an annual level of $3.1 billion is reached in FY2013.  This will continue through FY2018.

Israel is by far the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid.  Since 1949, the United States has provided Israel with $101 billion in total aid, of which $53 billion has been military aid.  For the last 20-plus years, Israel has received an average of $3 billion annually in grant aid;, until now the grant has been a mix of economic and military aid.

Israel receives its aid under vastly more favorable terms than any other recipient.  Egypt, for instance, receives $2 billion a year in economic aid, but this is a loan and must be repaid.  Saudi Arabia also has U.S. military equipment in its arsenal, but it buys and pays for this equipment and is not given it, as Israel is.

Aid to Israel can be said to benefit the United States because it is spent to purchase equipment manufactured here.  But this recycling of federal monies into the arms industry is not the wisest way to spur general economic recovery.  In fact, in the midst of a financial crisis, incurring a long-term obligation of this magnitude is highly irresponsible.

When Israel attacks Palestinians, as during the recent assault on Gaza, its instruments of destruction are U.S. fighter jets and attack helicopters, U.S. missiles, U.S.-made white phosphorus, U.S.-made Caterpillar bulldozers.  All of this American-made destruction is clearly identifiable to television audiences throughout the Arab and Muslim world, where viewers receive a steady diet of news showing Palestinian civilians being killed by weapons made in the USA.  It is from this vast population, which feels kinship with Palestinians and feels itself to be under assault from the United States, that terrorists such as Osama bin Laden are able to find recruits.

The U.S. Foreign Assistance Act stipulates that no aid may be provided to a country that engages in a consistent pattern of violations of international human rights laws.  Israel has been charged by human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch with precisely such violations during the Gaza assault and in past attacks.  Israel also violates the Arms Export Control Act, which stipulates that U.S. weapons must be used only for “internal security.”

Your tax dollars at work.


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