U.S.: ‘arranged secret prisoner exchange’

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Minimizing the Blowback one step at a time?

According to U.S. sources what’s being said by the father is not what happened.

Peter Moore: US ‘arranged secret prisoner exchange’

Peter Moore’s father claims US agents negotiated a secret prisoner exchange deal  Photo: PA

US hostage negotiators secretly arranged a prisoner exchange deal with Peter Moore’s captors behind the back of the British Government, Mr Moore’s father has claimed.

As Mr Moore flew back to Britain to be reunited with his family, Graeme Moore said he received a text message from a source who said the Americans were arranging a deal with the kidnappers involving the release of the Shia cleric Qais al-Khazali.

He was told the Foreign Office was being kept in the dark about the negotiations to stop them “messing it up”.


The leader of Asaib al-Haq, or the League of Righteousness, was transferred from US to Iraqi custody shortly before the release of 36-year-old Mr Moore, who had been held since May 2007….>>>>>

According to the father, as stated in this report, he was informed about movement in trying to get the release of his son some four weeks ago about secret meetings with the kidnappers and the U.S. as to a swap.

And what the U.S. spokesperson is saying in denying and such secret talks and swap took place:

“Separately, the government of Iraq is carrying out a process of reconciliation with groups willing to renounce violence and enter the political mainstream.

“Since holding hostages is incompatible with reconciliation, we judge that progress on the wider reconciliation effort will benefit hostages held in Iraq…>>>>>

As the Brits are holding the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry, to resume once again shortly after the New Year,  that will help slightly in minimizing blowback from the previous decades extremely failed policies especially as to the invasion, occupation, death, destruction and creation of millions of Iraqi refugee’s inside the country as well as fleeing to other countries, but Accountability for the orders givin under fabricated or known lies must take place for all involved, especially the leaders of here in the United States.

If there were negotiations, even if only perceived to be as to the closeness of the transfer of the Shia cleric Qais al-Khazali and the release of Peter Moore, that only can be seen as a positive by many in Iraq and the region.

Trouble is, as in any occupation anywhere, positive steps forward in trying to correct the wrongs and do good deeds or win hearts and minds of those who live in these occupations are quickly erased and more steps are lost when the extreme negatives occur wiping out not only the small steps forward at the time but those that preceded.

And only a few days after the release of Moore and transfer of the Cleric to Iraqi authorities we get this result from a U.S. judges ruling regarding perceived extreme crimes against innocent Iraqi’s, i.e. war atrocities:

Iraq ‘to appeal Blackwater verdict’

The Iraqi government will push to appeal a US court ruling dismissing charges of murder against five security guards of the private Blackwater firm, an official has told Al Jazeera.

Saad al-Muttalibi, an adviser to the Iraqi council of ministers, said that if the guards did not receive a just sentence for the killing of 14 Iraqis in 2007, the issue would complicate relations between Iraq and the United States.

“This matter will be appealed in the American court and if not resolved correctly, this will definitely add another strain on the relationship between Iraq and the United States,” he said on Friday.

“The legality or the procedures of the court case should not stop the criminals from facing justice and receiving a just sentence.

“This is very bad … for the overall look of the United States outside its borders. It’s very important for the Americans to realize that this will work against their interests in Iraq and other places.”…>>>>>

There has already been blowback on American Soldiers because of the perception of this war crime, if they couldn’t get to any mercs behind military guards on the bases they lived the blowback came at the soldiers on patrols, will the judges ruling, showing no accountability or even respect for human rights laws by a trial to show whether guilty or innocent of the charges, bring more blowback.

Here’s hoping the Iraqi’s request for appeal will be honored, according to these blackwater merc statements, all ex-military, they still don’t grasp the possibility of what their actions caused and even no apologies have come forth!


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    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    commander of U.S. troops in Iraq, echoed the Iraqi government’s displeasure.

    “Of course we’re upset when we believe that people might have caused a crime and they are not held accountable,” he told reporters in Baghdad, adding the dismissal might create a backlash against other security firms operating in Iraq.

    The shooting happened as a heavily armed Blackwater convoy escorted U.S. officials in downtown Baghdad on September 16 2007….>>>>>

    In a spoken statement just on NPR the General not only stated about backlash on other security forms but U.S. Soldiers as well!

    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    North Korea calls for end to hostile relations with US

    New Year’s Day message raises prospects of return to nuclear talks

    North Korea called for an end to hostile relations with the US in a new year message today and said it was committed to making the Korean peninsula nuclear-free through negotiations.

    North Korea has long demanded an end to Washington’s hostility and said it developed nuclear weapons to deter a US attack. Washington has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading the country….>>>>>

    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    In the new year, U.S. must live up to its principles

    The start of a new year is typically a time for reflection as well as celebration. Most of the resolutions that result from this annual attempt at self-improvement don’t survive their first encounter with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Here is one resolution that should be made, but won’t be for two reasons. First, it has to be taken as a nation and not just individually. And second, it requires a greater degree of introspection than we appear collectively capable of.

    The resolution itself is simple – that we live up to the principles for which we say we stand….>>>>>

    They’ve become unrecognizable to this old man, who grew up and watched them disappear, the hard fought for by our granparents, parents and many of us as we tried to continue the thought of leaving a better world for those who follow!!  

    • dkmich on January 1, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    we don’t seem to have anymore.  Are you?

    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Freed hostage says he wasn’t in Iran

    The British hostage released this week by his Iraqi captors said Iran was not involved in his kidnapping.

    Peter Moore, named two locations where he was held during his 2 1/2 years of captivity during a debriefing, The Times of London reported Friday. He also told investigators he last saw the four other men snatched with him about 18 months ago.

    Moore’s comments bolsters the British Foreign Ministry’s stance that it has no evidence indicating Iran was directly involved in the kidnappings or that the hostages were held in Iran, The Times said…>>>>>

    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    Iraq to sue ex-Blackwater guards

    A woman peeks inside a blood-stained car in Baghdad, Iraq, after the shootout in 2007.

    Iraq said Friday that it will file a lawsuit against five Blackwater security guards cleared of manslaughter charges in the 2007 killing of 17 Iraqi civilians, an act a government official called murder.

    The Iraqi government also will ask the U.S. Justice Department to appeal a federal judge’s “unfair and unacceptable” dismissal of the charges Thursday, spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said…>>>>>

    Anything I can do to Help Them, just call, the Iraqi’s That Is!!!!

    These ex-military Mercs still haven’t a clue as to the damage they’ve done to active brother and sister soldiers nor to this country!!

    • jimstaro on January 1, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    15 minutes of gunfire which left 17 dead

    “It was about noon,” he recalled. ”I heard a bursts of fire enter the car in front of me. It caught fire and a lady and her son were killed. I tried to drive away down the wrong side of the road but they shot at me and hit me in the arm.”

    There was screaming and blood all around as Iraqi police and soldiers tried to return fire on the Blackwater guards who had started the shooting.

    “The shooting may have continued for 15 minutes,” Abdul-Kahad said. “It’s hard to be sure. I was crouched and bleeding in my car for an hour until Iraqi guards came to rescue me. I still haven’t recovered from what I went through.”…>>>>>

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