This is a journey back through fear, guilt, anxiety

Stories that rail at members of the Obama administration for refusing to go along with the script of the latest episode of “Security Theater” lend credence to the not-so-hidden false flag agenda behind the timing of the Mighty Underwear Warrior’s performance art.

Obama’s noisome and insane predecessor was praised by these same morons for exhorting us to “go shopping” after 9/11 and for staying in a classroom reading “The Pet Goat” to them while the attacks were going on; indeed, his own Secretary of State brought shallow governmental insincerity to new lows by refusing to let Hurricane Katrina get in the way of her 5th Avenue search for designer shoes.

Given the difference in death tolls between the combined events of Katrina and 9/11 and those resulting from Deadly Captain Underpants, these paid propagandist shills who make a pretense of calling themselves journalists really should STFU.


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  1. It REALLY pisses the bullies off… and makes it obvious who they are. ;-7

  2. Every time there was thought for greater war funding, more troops, expanding our efforts, greater efforts toward “insurgents” — the yellow, or orange alert went up, and other attempted threats quelled, i.e., Los Angeles (bombers in airport), etc., etc.  There’s absolutely nothing new, notice how attempted threats have suddenly happened, but notice, too, the sped up efforts in Yemen, a call for more troops and ultimate more money that will be asked for.

    IT’S ALL F..KING BS!!!!

    Thanks, and HNY!

    • banger on January 7, 2010 at 18:43

    I don’t think people are all that interested in the underwear bomber. The propaganda effort was unprecedented to try to get people all hopped up supporting any expenditures to go after the “bad guys.”

    Eventually these lies and staged events become old hat — we’ve seen a lot of them and it keeps the media in a frenzy but I think people are more interested in the latest child killer or celebrity scandal.

    Personally, I believe this latest event was part of some kind of internal power struggle within the covert ops/military community. It bears watching. Usually reading the Post editorial page and certain NYT reporters will tell you something of the nature of that struggle.

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