The Explanation of My Recent Escapades

Yes I have been making the most disparaging of comments in this current wake of Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley.  I do such things in the attempt, however futile that may be, to wake people up.  My name is on three US patents.  I have attended conferences with scientists of world reknown, had a conversation with a NASA AI robot, have flown small planes, learned to savor the wine like a European can and my ears perk up when I hear an accent.  We, America should have been the hope of the world.  Give me your tired, your poor and all that jazz became Vietnam is the future investment opportunity.  What did go wrong in the very short timespan of me, only the second generation “off the farm”.

You should know I consider left/right politics as something lower, something similar to the pro wrestling or celebrity MTV world.  Such things are so second veil.…

Now I have been told that the guy who wrote this was just a wacked out loon of all kinds of political persuasions.  Many say I need meds.  I have been banned by both hannity and Markos.  Even some of the very far out New Age gurus promoting enlightenement for all think I have not embraced their particular protocols enough to be of any value.  My animals like me, my horses like me and I am still married to and love my wife.  Still fighting the Satanic demon that is my sociopathic mommie dearest.  My oldest, 3 year old, grandson thinks I am his world and he is showing me amazing things about human nature every day.  Unemployment runs out next week and there are no jobs.

I have stopped psychically looking at the future save some impressions about Haiti and the failure of the American based military complex from gaining anything useful from their current peaceful war games efforts.  Maybe such a powerful security oriented society should die off like the reign of Hitler did.

That and me getting hit by a car.  Three members of the family had that dream so yes, that period did suck.

Have “we” actually destroyed ourselves five times already in past eons?

Do all of us have the power, that power of miracles, to manifest our own destiny, our world like Christ or Buddah or any number of great and unknown past prophets and or miracle workers had?

Have “they” suppressed free energy, age reversal, the true origin of humanity, the meaning of life and the collective knowledge of the universe itself merely for that anal gratification “they” get sexually out of controlling innocent people?

The “enemy” is not us here, it is only what “they” have told us.

So whatever I have said on places either “left” or “right” I do so to stifle that destructive machine TPTB have in place now.  Since time periods weigh heavily on people the concept should be The Powers That Were, past tense.  We should be free of such things after all.  Money,Power, the two main roots of all things evil.