The dots are flying at us like 3-D asteroids!

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Maureen Dowd wants you to know that she’s frightened.  Muslims are massing on our borders, and these prowling hordes are coming to kill us.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know there’s no father figure in her life.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know (again) that Obama reminds her of Mr. Spock.  Or a professor.  But not a lord or hero to come to her defense.

Maureen Dowd wants you to know that the dots are flying at her like 3-D asteroids.  This is not some random speck, a fleck, a pinpoint, a daub, a stipple.  It’s not just some freckle looking at me funny.

I’m not alone here, right?

Let’s have a show of hands!


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  1. …and knew to pass it over.

    She occasionally has insights, but it’s mostly shallow trivia dressed up as substance.

    • Edger on January 11, 2010 at 01:26

    that there were billions of them. Hordes! Swimming across the oceans with knives fruit of the looms in their teeth, no?

    And if we don’t bomb them all and their kids over there, somewhere, anywhere, they’ll swarm the beaches, overrun the land, kill everyone in their beds, and replace the constitution with Sharia Law, as soon as they smarten up enough to buy explosives to blow up an airport before they’re arrested on the word of a paid FBI collaborating infiltrator. If they can get the pizza store to deliver a map of the airport.


    • rossl on January 11, 2010 at 01:38

    who thinks she’s better than everyone else.  So’s Thomas Friemdan.  So’s David Brooks (although I really, really liked his column about Avatar).  So’s Gail Collins.

    What’s new, guys?

  2. raised here.  I was a friggin Boy Scout fer Christsake.  Did I ever in my wildest dreams think I would consider my fellow American citizens complete zombified idiots, programmed by electronic media systems catered to their specific political bent.  It has become something I can almost psychically sense, something I can surely detect after a short meeting, a conversation.  I can identify their delusions, their potential/usefulness/power as friend or foe once the shit hits the fan.  

    The New York Times and most other established media has been personally thanked by the head asshole of worldwide globalist dominance Henry Kissinger for consistently advancing the future dystopia shit world of the New World Order.  That is a world of misery, a world of war, famine, plague and pestilence until the population is a mere 500 million.  Why?  Because these boy fuckers truely believe they can remain on top of the food chain by reducing humanity to these numbers.  Now did I clearly illustrate my complete contempt for this globalist domination concept as laid out in copious UN documents easily found on the internet by searching the term New World Order.

    Now as to this latest false flag no fly thing Kurt Haskell and other witnesses tell us the patsy was escorted onto the plane.  End of story.  You may, and should piss on those in commercial media over this and the other bullshit propaganda and tell them you know all about subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming.

    That being said, well, I used to be “normal” but that was before government, major institutions and even social norms were turned into weapons of mass American destruction.

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