Thank You Mr. Olbermann (Steele: “Honest injun on that”)

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Mr. Olbermann,

I was pretty exhausted from moving again for the third time in six months for good reasons, although I had to sweep a few streets till I got the job I moved for. Pictures weren’t hung up yet when this racial utterance came out of Steele’s mouth.

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Normally Mr. Olbermann, Republicans and their political allies say and do things like that that aren’t even mentioned in the main media. I’ve gotten used to it, where these issues being ignored feel normal. Makes you feel invisible sometimes.  But you didn’t do that afterwards, you mentioned it after Steele said it. I was sitting on my couch I hadn’t sat on for a half year with boxes all around and almost cried I was so grateful. So I just wanted to say thank you. Mr. Olbermann, thank you for that and all the great work you do.

As for Steele, you need to not write books and read a few. Enough said.…

As in the progressive stages of annihilation outlined by Stannard, dehumanization preceded destruction. As David Stannard writes in American Holocaust, The Conquest of the New World, Indians were considered “Nothing more than a half-filled outline of humanity whose extermination was a logical and necessary solution to the problem.” European settlers described “Indians as ‘ugly, filthy and inhuman beasts, [and] newspapers commonly characterized them as swine, snakes, pigs, and baboons…”

In the Crockett Almanacs, Indians are called “red niggers…” “injun savages…”

Demonstrates the use of “injun” as a vehicle for humor, excluding any possible consideration for the Indian as human…


During a Jan. 4 appearance to promote his new book on the Sean Hannity Fox News cable program, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele discussed conservative principles, at one point insisting that the Republican Party does not need to modernize. He hit home the point with the words, “Honest injun on that.”

Within this animal metaphor, the “injuns” inability to be civilized confirmed the idea of their bestiality, which could thus be seen as fundamental, pernicious, and stubbornly resistant to improvement.

If someone can find the video of Olbermann mentioning it, please post, I couldn’t find it.


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  1. and at you know where

  2. gone, you must continue to dehumanize, otherwise you are

    forced to look into the mirror and see evil. How can this be fixed? Simple: Admit the truth to yourself and fight for justice till the end of time.

    Stay well, Winter Rabbit——-


    • Xanthe on January 27, 2010 at 18:37

    I have the highest respect for you and enjoy (and learn from) your diaries – but I have to say that phrase is uttered without individuals even realizing what they’e saying.  It’s often thoughtless, not meanspirited.

    Phrases like this from our childhood are uttered without thinking and while people must be educated, it’s a slow process.

    and gosh, there’s so much more that he says every day….



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