Supreme Court Ends Democracy

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We know now that our nation, the one that our founding fathers fought for, is over.  That democracy, the will of the people to decide their fate, is over.  

The Supreme Court, with its corporate judges, has spoken.

A corporation can “legally”, and directly, buy our government, our Presidents, our Congress, and our elected judges with unlimited cash.

But, it is so much worse than people think…

It is worse simply because our government has already decided that anyone deemed to be a terrorist can be arrested, jailed, and held indefinitely, without charges and without a trial.

And, if you don’t think that a corporate-owned government cannot back it, then you don’t know that the NSA has been spying on American citizens, that telecom companies have provided all communications to them, that the FBI has already been abusing the authority given to them, and, that our government holds the power of the NSA, CIA, USSS, FBI, Federal Marshalls, AND mercenary groups like Blackwater, at their disposal to shut down any dissent.

Our government, already bought and sold through PAC’s, holds the keys to an army of law enforcement that already feels it can taser 80 year-olds with impunity.  Our government, already bought and sold, has law enforcement that has already attacked protesters and arrested them in the hundreds and thousands.

This legal framework was instituted by George W. Bush.  These actions were taken under George W. Bush.  And it was George W. Bush that nominated Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court.

This is the America that is not coming — it isn’t 1984 and George Orwell — it is the government that the Supreme Court has turned our nation into in 2009.

Telecom immunity from committing crimes was just the start.  Once a full government of corporate-owned shills are in place, the laws will be written that give corporations FULL immunity from ANYTHING, and, our government will use its law enforcement, its veritable army, to keep the peasants in line.

This action by the Supreme Court guarantees the need, at some point, for another American revolution by the people against the tyrannical government that governs the people.


Corporations, and the elite that run them, will always want more money and more power.  Once they get away with something, like telecom immunity, like vaccine immunity, they will try to get more.  They will buy our government as fast as they can.  They will get laws passed that give them carte blanc.

Eminent Domain will no longer exist.  Corporations will simply take people’s houses to build whatever they want whenever they want.  If you don’t like it, you will have an army of people there to enforce it just as it was in Connecticut.

This is the America we will have as soon as the corporations can get it.

And war?  MORE war?  That is coming, as well.

Our government, and corporate media, already talked America into war with Iraq.  Nothing stops them from doing the same thing with China, Russia, or Haiti — any place that a corporation wants taken over, WILL BE taken over.  We will generate a casus belli, even if it takes a false flag operation, and invade, just as we did in Panama and Iraq.

This is the America that is coming, and, it won’t take generations to get there.  It will occur as fast as corporations can get us there.


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    • Edger on January 22, 2010 at 4:11 am

    Congresswoman Donna Edwards and constitutional law professor Jamie Raskin speak out against the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC and call for a mass movement of people to support a constitutional amendment. Visit to learn more and get involved…

    • banger on January 22, 2010 at 4:34 am

    We should create our own corporations. The only logical outcome of our system is rule by corporations. It is fucking inevitable — there is no force out there to stop it. The “public” is utterly stupified with the awesome power of mind-control/propaganda techniques. Might as well join them — what else is there to do? It’s like swords vs. guns.

  1. A majority of folks, including a number of Democrats and Independents, don’t think that John Roberts is an ideologue bent on overturning every vestige of civil rights and civil liberties protections in our possession.  Instead, they have good reason to believe he is a conservative judge who is (like it or not) within the mainstream of American jurisprudence….


    All that powder the Dems kept so dry during Robert’s confirmation has now blown up in their faces.

  2. four of the Dems.  

  3. Goodnight, America!

    Good morning, Fascism!

    Well, you can say that everything contrary to our laws, Constitution and morals has had the way PAVED, in a sped up fashion for well over eight years now (and, of course, going back to Nixon, Reagan, etc.) — no STOPS — none!

    Unbelievable — a law that we’ve had since 1907, has been “destroyed.”

    It’s not to say that corporations haven’t been electing our candidates for a long time now — they have, but now it’s all been legitmized.  I don’t know how more dangerous a situation we could have.  This is what Mussollini did — handed everything to the corporations.

    All the “military laws” have been steadily put in place to handle social unrest, and then some.

    Everyone should act on Edger’s comment below.

    I have an additional one — everyone should act on, as well.  


    Already, signed by 6,308* and counting . . .

    This is truly it for Americans!

    *organizations, lawyers, people

  4. Watch the filth come rushing in.

  5. Hell, Barack is their dream come true.

    And the Supreme Court?  They just fell in line so beautifully. Nobody even had to tell them.

    And Congress? *  That mark to the left is an asterisk.

  6. the way forward does not lead through the ballot box.

  7. surprised that no one is with the ACLU on this one:

    I find myself in the strange position of being with the “conservative” judges on what are, to me, the most important Supreme Court cases of the last decade: Kelo v. City of New London, DC v. Heller, and Citizens United v. FEC.

    Oh well, I’m used to having minority opinions, I guess. Or I just take my “left-libertarianism” really seriously.  

  8. If corporations are “people” for the purpose of  free speech, then they should logically be subject to life in prison or dissolution when they commit the same crimes that people do.

    That would only be fair.

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