Splitting the Difference

So tonight we find out whether the Democratic Party embraces Populism…….or death.

For eight years We The People were under assault. Tax cuts for the rich made the poor suffer. Rampant deregulated greed on WallSt and in Corporate boardrooms made the middle class suffer. lack of health care made everyone suffer. Two wars, on run with criminal negligence and the other just a complete fuck up on every conceivable level made the world, our troops and our budget suffer. Fascist fearmongering made our Constitutional Rights suffer. And of course……torture. Which makes every feeling person suffer the degradation of regressing to our animal nature.

After eight years of The People suffering, and one year of pretending we weren’t and that Republicans were something other than the downright evil bastards that they have proved themselves to undeniably be….

We find out which side the Dems and Obama are on.

They either need to use this occasion to pick up the populist banner and dedicate themselves to helping The People, or to try to take some middle road, try to…..split the difference.

Split the difference with downright evil.

They can either try half assed measures to ameliorate and mitigate the suffering of The People, which won’t work as the past year has taught us, or they can in effect declare war on the forces that are causing The People to suffer.

One leads to victory in 2010 and a step closer to something resembling an age of political Enlightenment, a rejection of what amounts to an insanity of repetition of failed policies and attitudes.

The other, a de facto embrace of all that is wrong with our government by trying to steer a safe middle path between downright evil and the real needs of The People.

The result of that will just be more of the same obviously corrupt, bankrupt and ineffective “reform” that is being touted as the solution…..and they cannot even do that.

They cannot even pass “reform,” because they continue to try to play on the Republican playing field. A playing field that is built on the premises and framing of the folks that brought us eight years of downright evil.

Only to be replaced by an administration that is trying to ignore that fact…That is trying to split the difference between doing what is right and surrendering to the desires of the very entities and forces that caused the problems that are causing the suffering.

You cannot split the difference with evil and sonmehow come up with good.

The evil, the suffering, the ‘reality’ of the Republicans must be rejected, and the greatest Good for the Greatest Number must be embraced.

Or the Democrats are dead in 2010.

Rejected by The People who have NO choice but to reject those who will not serve them. Under our broken political system, which is a cause and reflection of our broken economic system, broken health care system, broken military and foreign policy system….and broken system of what is now an ex democracy.

Fix it or go home, Democrats. That is the message. And you just are NOT going to fix it by splitting the difference with the Republicans and their Corporate masters….without REAL and ‘radical’ change.

Fix it or go home.  


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  2. I’m so optimistic about tonights speech and the impending change from weak willed lilly livered corporate kiss asses to our saviors that I’ve already bought a bottle of Crazy Chicken (Wild Turkey) for the occasion.  I’m gonna leave work at 5, go run 5 miles, come home walk the dogs and proceed to get snookered.  

    • TMC on January 27, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    The Republican definition of “bipartisan” a la John “way too tanned” Boehner

    “when it comes to bipartisan legislation you’ve got to look at the balance. If the balance leans in our direction, and things that we believe in, I would think that we would support it.

    (emphasis mine)

    Hey, Barry, you listening?

    • dkmich on January 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    He lied in 08, why believe him now?   Anybody who runs on change and takes a dive in the first round right after the opening bell can never ever be credible ever, ever again.  

  3. Quite the contrary. The Democrats are corporatists, too. At least a majority of them, IMHO. Turning populist would kill them – at least it would kill their current form. They would be unrecognizable if they turned populist.

    Insead, the only way for them to remain in their current form and alive is to lose in 2010. I mean, it’s not like they all have to give up their jobs. Maybe 10% of them will – and that’s about a worst case scenario. Besides, those 10% will find cushy industry jobs. Oh, they’ll be alright. They may even run for office again after the public gives the reins to the Republicans and they fuck things up again.

    It’s the never ending spiral of American politics.

    A and B are your options. A will tell you they’re going to fuck you and will. B will tell you they’re not going to fuck you and will. So, what’ll it be? A or B?

    There will be no solution until we start voting C, and even then, the powers that be will find other more radical means of protecting their power.

  4. The Dem Party has rejected the left over and over again.

    And we should reject them in turn.  

  5. is a different bunch of Democrats.  Dump the incumbents and elect populist Democrats.  These spineless worms “serving” us now aren’t worth a bucket of warm spit to us.  Although, they’re worth (apparently) billions to the corporations.

    I’m sick to death of living in the United Corporations of America.  Public campaign finance has been needed for decades and we won’t get anything like that – or health care reform, or common-sense financial rules, or anything else this nation needs – with the current crop of jellyfish Democrats we have now.


    Celtic Merlin


    • Edger on January 27, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    and maybe even a few outright awesome lies tonight.

    Maybe he’ll even outdo the last words of his weekly address this past Saturday:

    as long as I’m your President, I’ll never stop fighting to make sure that the most powerful voice in Washington belongs to you.

  6. According to the Democratic apologists and boosters, who have always been Democratic apologists and boosters whether out of power or in, they’re just as mad at the state of affairs as you are.

    But eventually they all have this Great Realization.  This is arrived at, variously, by staring into space for several hours, or else having a couple of beers.

    In the Great Realization, you come to the conclusion that you’ve been a progressive all your life.  That to not elect Democrats is to Let Republicans Win.  And that, gosh darnit, for the sake of our country, It’s Just Irresponsible not to vote for the Democrats.  That no matter how bad Barack Obama fails to serve your interests, or the platform of the Democratic Party, or basic common sense.  His failure (to be arrived at by not voting for him and also by not clapping loudly enough) will mark the failure of everything, including civil rights struggles, because if a minority President can’t fix things up, no one will be able to again.

    That no matter how bad the Democrats are, the Republicans Will Be Worse.

    I have tried to ask people of the Great Realization if they understand that if the standard is just a tad better than the Republicans, that the Republicans could always be More Evil Than Before, that they could even choose to be Even More Evil,  and we would still have to vote for the other guys because they’re better than the Republicans and what do they have to say to that?

    I never get an answer.  It’s not part of the Great Realization.

    • robodd on January 27, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    will not be able to come to any definitive conclusion after Obama’s rhetorical gymnastics this evening.  You will hear things you will like, you will wonder whether he really just said other things, you will get equivocation and weasly words right next to strong pronouncements.  You will be perplexed.

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