So No One Will Be Left Behind

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A year ago, when Obama was inaugurated, when the new Congress began with huge Democratic majorities, I thought the Bush/Cheney years were finally over.  But they’re not over.  Nothing has changed.  

I’ve supported Democrats for 40 years. Despite all their betrayals, I felt I had no choice.  I told myself they were the lesser of two evils.  I told myself incremental change is better than no change at all.  But nothing has changed. Nothing will ever change if progressives keep supporting the Democratic branch of the Corporate Fascist Party.

During the Great Depression, Woody Guthrie traveled across America and saw the injustice, poverty, and despair of a nation suffering the consequences of economic and social injustice. In the city square, in the shadow of the steeple, by the relief office he saw his people.  They were hungry, they were out of work, they were out of hope.  As he was walking that ribbon of highway, he saw what America is, but he also saw what America can be.   He never stopped hoping that someday, America would become a land of economic and social justice. So he wrote This Land Is Your Land, as an anthem of what America can be.

His story is our story, his anthem is our anthem, his land is our land, his cause is our cause. Woody Guthrie told the truth about America because someone had to.  He told it across this country, as he walked through the wheat fields waving and the dust clouds rolling, with a guitar on his back and the truth in his soul . . .

After a year of Obama, after a year of huge Democratic majorities in Congress, what do we see?  We see the great high walls of corporate power still standing.  Walls of greed, walls of deceit, walls of propaganda and war profiteering and corporate crime.  Democrats are the ones patrolling those walls now, they are the ones guarding the gates.

The voices of progressives must be heard now more than ever before, because we are the voice of social and economic justice, we are the voice of peace, we are the heirs of the Founding Fathers, we are America’s only hope.  

We know what America is, but we also know what America can be, what it should be, what it was always meant to be.  We will never lose our faith in ourselves, we will always believe that a brighter future is possible, we will be heard, we are being heard, together we are singing a progressive anthem that will change the world.

Woody Guthrie was bound for glory.

So are we.

We blog the future here.  We see above us that endless skyway, we see below us that golden valley, we see beside us Americans who care, who will not give up, who will not be silenced.  Listen to the truth in your soul, listen to it and join us.  We are walking freedom’s highway so others can, so everyone can, so no one will be forgotten, so no one will be left behind . . .  

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  1. For everyone everywhere who will not give up, who will not be silenced.  Speak out with us, join us, walk beside us.  

  2. I can get behind that 100%:

    So No One Will Be Left Behind


  3. thank you Rusty.

    and thanks for waiting, and pushing the rest of us slackers! lol

    We’re getting there.

    • BobbyK on January 19, 2010 at 04:27

    Thanks Rusty1776

    • dkmich on January 19, 2010 at 11:15

    in no longer feeling that I have to vote or vote for Democrats.  From that wide open space comes a path.  Nice diary.

  4. So we can have “movement voting,” just like I suggested in my frontpaged diary

  5. I like many need a swift kick in the butt sometimes.  Thanks

    • Robyn on January 19, 2010 at 18:22

    …as it moved onward so many times, I’d certainly like to believe that it’s not going to leave us behind yet again.

  6. Ari Shapiro, NPR’s Department of Justice correspondent, gave a lecture at Reed College. What he had to say about the state of national security as left by Bush and continued under Obama is a little scary. Here’s the lecture as available through iTunes U.  

    • Big Tex on January 19, 2010 at 20:31

    in all this, it’s that progressives are starting to wake up to the fact that the Democratic party can’t be counted on and beginning to recognize the need for a more open political system and viable third parties, so we can start really moving the Overton window in our direction after far too many years of movement in the wrong direction.

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