Remember Chemical Ali…….

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Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as Chemical Ali, will give evidence at the inquiry into the Iraq War

THREE of Saddam Hussein’s most hated henchmen have volunteered to give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

A lawyer acting for Saddam’s former deputy prime minister Tariq Aziz, his ex-interior minister Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as Chemical Ali ,and his private secretary Humad Humadi wrote to Sir John Chilcot last week.

Giovanni di Stefano said his clients were all prepared to testify and be cross-examined via video link from their prison cells in Iraq….>>>>>

Now that Saddams gone, still wondering whatever happened to all those look a likes he had, this might be really interesting to hear, unless they ramble on senselessly, as to any relationships here with their once good friends, any friend of our good friend Saddam was a friend of ours, and what might have been going on behind the scenes or what might not have!

And more voices are being heard, across the pond, as the Iraq War Inquiry on break for the holidays is set to resume soon.

Tony Blair’s Predecessor Criticizes Him Over Iraq War

John Major says the current inquiry into the war raises some very big, important questions regarding the British government’s stated aims for invading Iraq


“I supported the Iraq war because I believed what the prime minister said. I had myself been prime minister in the first Gulf war and I knew that when I said something I was utterly certain that it was correct and I said less than I know,” he said.  “I assumed the same thing had happened and on that basis I supported reluctantly the second Iraq war.”…>>>>>

And in this report at the Voice of America site, also found at other sources, we get this quote from Mr Majors:

“The argument that Saddam Hussein was a bad man and therefore must be removed simply will not do,” he added.  “There are many bad men around the world who run countries and we do not topple them…>>>>>

Boy did he hit that one out of the park, especially as to here in the once United States. We readily go after attempts to topple those we hire, and have their fingers on the buttons of war, with such evil doings, against our National Security, as ‘blowjobs’ that leave stains on dresses. Making those attempts the prime issue so our other hires, Congress, can stay away from doing anything towards the many needs of the country, like say over site, investigative hearings especially into government corruption, and regulations to keep the extremely greedy dishonest in check, upholding the laws and regulations they make for us all and more. You know, that which we hire them to do in representing us.

Nope, instead of seeking Impeachment and Indictments for the growing list of possible crimes, especially possible War Crimes against others, Crimes against Our Constitution and International Law, we helped establish, and they are sworn to uphold all, as they send our military into occupations of others and the proof of the suspected trumped up reasons for doing so start coming forward rapidly as the lies they were corruption in the extremely shady deals with corporate powers and their lobbyist. Just because the opposition political party fears loosing upcoming elections and the supporters of those possible criminals quickly try and erase the thoughts of criminal actions and their own blatant hypocrisy and shift any blame on others. We’ve also got a huge problem in overlooking the blatant corruption taking place between our representatives and the corporate powers and army of corporate well paid lobbyist.

The just above quote leads directly to this one:

And indeed, in earlier years we had actually supported Saddam when he was fighting against Iran….>>>>>

Which in turn leads us back to the request from ours, and the Brits, once friends Chemical Ali, Tariq Aziz and Humad Humadi.

And an interesting request especially in light of the recent judges ruling as to our very own personal, high paid high price, personal private army of civilian security contractors, Mercenaries, there’s this piece:

Don’t Call Them Mercenaries

Modern security professionals have been referred to in the media as “mercenaries”. This is a derogatory reference, and is inaccurate; a mercenary sells his services to the highest bidder – a purely mercantile relationship – and their activities may cover the entire operational spectrum, outside of legal constraints. In serving the U.S. DoD overseas, independent contractors are limited to a defensive role, and – contrary to commonly-held belief – are fully accountable under U.S. and international law.

There is an unwritten code of ethics amongst security professionals; we are not criminals or “soldiers of fortune”. Amongst my colleagues, an operator who conducts himself as some kind of flamboyant gunslinger is regarded as a potential loose cannon, to be avoided.

We possess a unique skill set and we perform a vital service. Like professional athletes, we are paid exactly what we are worth and it is never enough – for example: try to get a life insurance policy in this line of work…>>>>>

Right, Uh Huh!!

That’s why most of you were military soldiers and quickly got out at the first chance joining these private armies for those meager six figure incomes in occupation theaters and wherever else you’re sent on this planet, it’s called War Profiteering, instead of re-enlisting in that professional military you left covered by the laws of, in this country, the UCMJ and the Constitution, as well as the Laws of the countries and militaries you came from as well as possibly the laws of those occupied!

Hell you didn’t even take a look see at the intelligence agencies within your countries, which would be similar to actual service to same, you knew you might be able to work with them and not have to worry about answering to any chain of command for anything you do, and if fired for whatever reason you can quickly find another private army or the highest bidder!

Then you can write about how Patriotic and Professional you are and even like Professional Athletes, that one probably to justify those huge blood money pay checks!

But you might have even more of a problem then the possible involvement of any soldiers or government workers in War and Occupation issues and actions like these:

Defence probe into secret Army unit accused of torturing Iraqis

Probe: A secret British Army unit operating near Basra is being investigated over allegations of torture by Iraqis

A secret British interrogation unit is being investigated after dozens of Iraqis claimed its members had tortured them, it emerged today.

The Iraqis’ British lawyers claim the Joint Forward Intelligence Team (JFIT) was made responsible for interrogating suspected insurgents at a base near Basra – and given free rein to act without control from British Army generals in Iraq.


The former detainees name individuals from the unit they say were responsible, while their lawyers claim the JFIT was formed of a variety of military, MI5 and military staff who took orders from London, rather than superiors in Iraq…>>>>>

Or this:

Afghans rally against rising civilian killings

Afghans protest against the recent killings of 10 civilians allegedly by coalition forces

Afghan students have rallied in Jalalabad and threatened to “take up guns instead of pens and fight occupation forces” if the Karzai regime fails to stop the indiscriminate killing of civilians by occupation troops.

Hundreds of university students blocked main roads in the capital of eastern Nangarhar province to protest over the latest deaths – 10 civilians, mostly schoolchildren, who were apparently gunned down execution-style by US special forces in the Narang district of Kunar province on Saturday….>>>>>

If you ‘non-mercenaries’ had any type of involvement in, or the many other possibilities of tragic, atrocities of war, events that occur in occupation theaters and put the lives of the soldiers into even more danger by your actions, You might or you might not have a big problem.

But you can print out the above sites explanation and pass it on to any judge, gee you think that Chemical Ali, Tariq Aziz, Humad Humadi and the oh so many others anywhere would try and use your defense, and these were government officials. Didn’t work for Saddam to well now did it, and he, like you’re saying, was a hired gun, CIA and probably others, before many helped him into power to rule over Iraq!!

Watch the Inquiry Live when in Session

Written Transcripts by Date

Oral: The Video’s by Date

See how the Inquiry is unfolding on the Sky News Timeline

BBC Iraq inquiry – day by day timeline of evidence given


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    • jimstaro on January 3, 2010 at 15:01

    Expected, i.e. shades of another DeJa-Vu ‘Nam, but it won’t bold well if the U.S. Military, and they are, try the same in Afghanistan as the Afghans and Pakistan Taliban, and others, have probably known about and been watching this unfold long before we are hearing about it, especially with what little News of Iraq comes out now as the focus is on Afghanistan, Somalia and now Yemen!!

    ‘Sons of Iraq’ face weakened power

    The killing of several members of the U.S.-allied Sunni militias known as “Sons of Iraq” has underscored the increasing weakness of groups widely credited with helping turn the tide of the Iraq war.

    About a dozen members of the groups have been killed in the rural areas south of Baghdad in recent weeks, U.S. military officials say. Similar attacks have occurred elsewhere, including the execution-style killing of five SOI members north of Baghdad on Tuesday.


    SOI leaders, meanwhile, said their dwindling numbers were forcing them to close down some checkpoints and further endanger security.

    “We have a shortage of guys,” said Sheik Najam Abbas Saif, who heads an SOI group near Mahmudiyah. “We have a lot of gaps.”…>>>>>

    And it’s anyones guess what the ruling here on the Blackwater mercs might cause there, even though the Iraqi Government says it will continue pursuing their own judgment in their courts, as to any U.S. troops at the bases there, earlier last month there was a reported rocket attack on the greenzone.  

    • Inky99 on January 3, 2010 at 21:45

    Seriously, didn’t we “kill” that guy three times?

    The guy’s like a cat.

  1. but psychic impressions tell me that

    Chem Ali does not know about the Stargate or the ancient Sumerian tablets the Germans dug up before “Shock and Awe”.

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