Re: Happy Pony Joy Rainbows! And spies

Hey gang! Looks like ya found yourself another conspiracy. But sorry to burst your bubble the group was not always private. It started as a public group with links from my sig line. It only went private to protect people’s real life names.

All you have there is one comment by one member of the group. And it’s one comment had I seen I would have argued against also. Continue to fight that strawman all you want… but if you have any serious questions about the group ask away. You may find out that everything isn’t as it seems.

: Read the comments before you comment. I explain more there. Serious questions were answered.

UPDATE 2: This diary is directed at buhdy because he wrote the diary I’m responding to and a select few.. you know who you are. I’d advise anyone else go read something else, this stuff is messy and lame, which is why I want a truce.


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  1. dKos has as large a diversity of opinion as this site and of my group, which constantly argued about our purpose and goals.  

  2. So what parts of Cedwyns post do you agree with and which parts do you disagree with?

    • sharon on January 18, 2010 at 5:00 am

    did cedwyn post the text buhdy quoted on what you are referring to as your private once public group?  and what is it that you are defending?  her post?  the group?  whether or not it was private or public?  not quite sure what is the purpose of your essay and am hoping you will explain.

    • Heather on January 18, 2010 at 5:11 am

    You made a mistake.

    And now you’re trying to fix it without really fixing it.

    You know you lost on this one.

    There is only one way out and that is to admit you made a mistake and got caught up in things that you had no intention of getting caught up in.

    Can you do that or not?

  3. …of the going ons about which you all speak here; but I can only say, “blah blah blah blah blah!”  And besides that, who cares?

  4. at least do some research on conspiracy and ratfucking before you try to pull it off next time. This was so laughably badly done that it almost negates the nefarious….or at least disturbingly undemocratic…..intent behind it.

    If you guys were competent….you would be dangerous. You probably don’t even realize that you were in effect stepping on to the national political stage by trying to manipulate the content of one of the country’s top political media entities, do you?

    So I will just repeat this from my essay….and I REALLY REALLY  hope you will think long and hard about it, after this miserable failure at playing national politics….

    There are just NO words that can adequately describe this level of complete inanity and insanity. All one can do is marvel at the hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and complete and utter obtuseness and ineffectiveness of these folks, who somehow delude themselves that they are bright enough to be “The Ones in Charge.”

    When they can’t even pull off a conspiracy to game a freaking blog…without tripping over their own stupidity.


  5. You’re nothing but a kneejerk Obamabot censor.

    No better than a Rovian Bushbot teabagger, just with a different worship object.

    You have no principles at all.

    Watching you idiots tie yourselves in knots trying to twist with the latest Rahm flip flop would be amusing if it wasn’t so pathetic and destructive of our democracy.

    Good luck with that election thing bozo.

  6. DD. I left here angrily a few months ago. Since then I’ve experienced what pushing the President from the left for bullshit reasons looked like. I always thought you all were honest even if I didn’t think it was helpful. I’m glad there are people out there that are making issues like ending war,  torture and accountability their lines in the sand. I just can’t join you. I hope for those things too and I’ll cheer them if they happen, and work for them if they look like they’re close to happening. I also may have had a false view of the entirety of what goes on here. A mistake I believe we all make too easily.

  7. You say you are speaking for yourself:

    Let me be clear, I speak for myself and not the group, none of them know I am here.


    I am defending the group  

    I am not defending Cedwyn’s statement. I never read that by Cedwyn until I saw it posted on dKos by Eugene.

    I am the one that came up with the idea for the group,

    the private group that was public before it went private.

    Not the cedwyn comment that was posted in the other private group, the REAL Private Group that was private until it was public:

    I believe cedwyn posted the blockquote text on the PRBDK Admin group page, not on the PRBDK main page.  


    is PRBDK Admins, it’s a different facebook group than the main one PRBDK. Apparently Leanne started it.. no one told me about it until the eugene incident.

    the one that LeanneB said:

    Okay, first of all, the group site you guys hacked into to get that screen shot (and it was private when I created it, so I have no idea who changed the setting, since I’m the only admin) was NOT the group site that CornSyrupAwareness created.  This was a smaller site with just six of us, created for a place to blow off steam, discuss sensitive matters relating to admitting new members, and brainstorm ideas.

    So the Admin Group (the private one) that was responsible for determining who would be granted membership to the your group, was the

    One for admins that I never even heard about until it was screenshotted


    I did my stuff in the main group and wasn’t even aware of the admin group. After the Eugene thing, when I brought that up, they wondered why I hadn’t been commenting. I never got the invite.


    I’m here because a few of the members here have made it clear that they are going to continue this pie fight. And I’d rather not. It hasn’t been good for any of us.

    I’m not saying I’m blameless I’m just saying if you want to have a conversation let’s discuss the whole group, and not one comment by one member.


    Im sorry, CSA, but it seems to me we are not the only people you might have a beef with.

    That said, I have no desire to partake in or continue the pie fight.

  8. Cedwyn’s post still reads like a chapter out of some neo-Leninist bloggers field manual.  Pure political thuggery at it’s most vile.

    It’s not enough that you won’t defend this indefensible post.  You and the rest of your comrades in blog should be apologizing for it and repudiating its tactics.

    But you won’t, will you CornsyrupAwareness?  

    I can only wonder why.

  9. Well then, I take back that bitchy thing I said about Cedwyn.

    And my secret group will ALWAYS stay secret.

  10. Beaten so bad you’re trying to run away from your content?


    • sharon on January 18, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    i ask you to read this:

     * [new] Ahem…. “With all due respect”, STFU you DFH. – (8+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:

       understandinglife, samddobermann, Rogneid, Involuntary Exile, nocynicism, Onomastic, lighttheway, durrati

    Cynicize much? (shut up, I know “cynicize” isn’t a word… I was just being cynical).

    I’m not gonna sit here and be “bashed” by the likes of you extremist liberals who are no better or helpful than extremist Neo-RepugliCONS.

    Take a leap off the nearest bridge to nowhere… and let the CIA destroy the taped evidence afterwards.

    Us “weakling” Dems will bring justice to your demise afterwards as well… but at least it will come.

    “…great and proud nations do not hunker down and hide behind walls of suspicion … WE will define the character of our country.” -PotUS Barack Hussein Obama

    by VT ConQuest on Mon Jan 18, 2010 at 06:50:40 AM EST  

    this is what you have spawned with your group.  if you can seriously read that comment and think that this is a good thing, then i have no more time for you.  i think an apology to all of us and a public rejection of statements like this is what is needed to pave the way for the peace you request.

  11. my grandparents were both polish jewish orphans. I don’t play that game. I deleted the diary because I felt like I was wasting my time (4hr of Q+A).

    Appreciate buhdy and sharon. GL all.  

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