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Just one of many ways, and not only as to the VA facilities but Federal and State buildings etc. as well. And boy could I make a huge list of overlooked and ignored infrastructure needs!

I did this a number of years back, but it wasn’t because of a collapsed economy. I came off some eight years on the road, mostly in the northeast some midwest and a few southern states, building and supervising the building of stores in the new enclosed Malls that had grown out of strip malls all over. I just happened to have hit a call for a carpenter to lay a couple of VCT floors at the VA facility in Syracuse and was one of two hired. After we finished that we were asked to stay on and work out of their maintenance office and shop doing repairs and preventive maintenance. We ended up working there for a year plus. The other carpenter, older then myself, stayed on, I left to go back into commercial Rebuilds and continued in Commercial and Residential for the years since, up to the collapse of it all and the to little going on now.

S.A. Congressman: Put America back to work rebuilding VA hospitals

With the president vowing to focus on jobs and the economy, one local congressman has a suggestion: Hire people to help rebuild the VA system.

San Antonio Representative Ciro Rodriguez made that suggestion Saturday at a meeting with veterans at VFW Post 4815 on the city’s south-side.

The congressman says while strides have been made to improve veteran’s care, there is still more that needs to be done….>>>>>

These would not only be decent paying jobs for tradesmen, and women, but fill a need as to upgrading these facilities with the new influx and numbers of the returning veterans of these two occupations now and the needs in the coming years, as for the VA facilities, any other buildings etc. would be self explanatory as to the need, i.e. infrastructure preventive maintenance and modernization.

With these two ongoing occupations raising once again the numbers of veterans needs more New facilities should be built as well. Thankfully we have a Pro-Active Veterans Administration, they have been moving in a number of area’s as to the facilities and especially IT bringing it into the 21st century something the American public a certain political party and the bigger VSO’s have fought against for to many years, these last months, now and not Re-Active, some of this has already started or been proposed.

This would also fill a need outside of the trade professions, though we are not considered professions anymore, keeps the wages down, as to these Veterans going to the colleges and universities and taking the courses and getting degree’s in the professions of construction related fields and administration etc..

The numbers it would employ in needed work would help many communities and their small local businesses thus helping the economy, the investment, as long as the meme’s of private capital aren’t going to materialize, would be paid back rapidly and would then help in lowering the deficit by the tax dollars paid in directly and through purchases etc. thus also help in the state budgets.

This would also help any Veterans now that want to start new businesses, especially related to green building, as this would encompass that and should. Those going to college on the GI Bill already and doing so in hoping to start businesses down the road at some point.

Action Is Needed Yesterday!

Congress needs to start pushing for more stimulus in these area’s since the private markets and wealth, the republican con of trickle down economics small ‘c’ capitalism, only concern themselves with up and down on Wall Street as they play the big Casino of the street!


    • jimstaro on January 24, 2010 at 16:52

    Veterans Administration redistributes heavy workload at federal building

    The crammed storage area was just one problem plaguing the regional office.

    Overloaded file cabinets that once exceeded recommended weight limits for the upper floors of the Poff Federal Building in downtown Roanoke have been moved, a government official said Friday.

    The statement followed a report by the Veterans Affairs inspector general that listed the crammed storage area as just one of the problems plaguing the VA regional office.

    With nowhere to store files, staffers at the VA office placed more than 10,000 of them on top of already full file cabinets on the 10th, 11th and 12th floors of the Poff Building, the report found…..>>>>>

    • jimstaro on January 24, 2010 at 17:13

    Town Council seeks more information about VA’s plans for housing project

    Next week, the Town Council will hear a presentation about a housing project, known as Victory Gardens, planned for the Veterans Administration (VA) campus on Willard Avenue.

    At the council’s Jan. 12 meeting, Mayor Jeffrey Wright said he and other town officials had attended an informal meeting about an early version of the project almost two years ago.

    He said that VA officials had said the project would provide housing for veterans and the federal agency would work with the town of Newington on it. He was recently surprised to see a press release from the VA announcing that a developer had been selected to build up to 74 independent living apartments, with one, two or three bedrooms.

    “It kind of surprised me, number one, that they were moving this fast,” he said. “And number two, is that it said the development would be for veterans and eligible non-veterans. That really caught me off guard.”…>>>>>

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