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  1. A Treason in America Conference


    • Edger on January 11, 2010 at 19:15

    a secret handshake?

  2. 47 degrees now finally. downright balmy!

  3. Axelrod on the 2010 season…

    “In certain ways we are at the mercy of forces that are larger than things we can control,” Axelrod said. “If we see steady months of jobs growth between now and next November, I think the picture will be different than if we don’t. I think Ronald Reagan learned that lesson in 1982. We’re not immune to the physics of all of this. But I’m guardedly optimistic that we are going to see that progress. You know, there are signs of that. We’re going to just keep doing everything we can to promote progress.”

    Next on his checklist: “finish this health care bill successfully.” And after that? “Then we have to go out and sell it,” he said. “I think we can run on this. I think there is so much in here that has value to every American, and mostly to people who have insurance.”

    In the conversation, Axelrod mentioned several other legislative initiatives that the White House hopes Congress will complete this year, including an energy bill. But asked what else Congress could pass before November that might significantly improve Democratic prospects, he cited only one other area: reform of financial regulation. “I wouldn’t put this on that order of magnitude [as health care] at all, but I think if we pass a financial reform that includes strong consumer provisions, reins in some of the worst excesses of the industry, I think that would be useful, would be helpful,” he said.

    More important than new initiatives, he suggested, would be reframing the debate on what has already happened in Washington since Obama took office. On the one hand, he argued, the campaign will provide Democrats an opportunity to tout legislative successes, like bills strengthening federal regulation of tobacco and credit card companies, that have been almost completely eclipsed by the high-profile confrontations over the economy and health care.

    On the other, he hinted, would be sharper efforts to compare the Democratic agenda with Republican priorities. While Republicans are hoping that voters will view the election as a referendum on Democratic performance, he said Democrats will work to frame the election more as a choice between the parties — and present an aggressive case against the GOP alternative.

    shorter: lesser of two evils.

    Count me out. Im still stuck waiting for the Hopeychanginess.

    “In certain ways we are at the mercy of forces that are larger than things we can control”

    uhhh, yeah. Thats a problem, no?

  4. somebody stop me! I need to take a break from the internet and go recover my filthy kitchen.

    Never saw this one comin’! bwah ha ha ha

    Sarah Palin, who regularly rips the media, is becoming a television pundit at a place where she’s likely to feel at home.

    A Fox News executive says the network will shortly announce that the former vice-presidential nominee is signing on as a contributor.

    Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans.


    • Robyn on January 11, 2010 at 20:41

    …from what I am reading, the argument against same-sex marriage in the 9th Circuit is that since we cannot prove the world will not end if there is marriage equality, we should not have it.

  5. and/or on silent running for a while.  Work issues.

    Does anyone have any experience with home remedies for anxiety?  I’m trying exercise .. it helps a bit.

    • rossl on January 11, 2010 at 21:48

    The Green Party is likely to win their first seat in the House of Commons (the lower house of Parliament) in the UK.

    There’s a very interesting description of the Green woman in that race that is worth noting:  “radical without seeming threatening”

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