Not so Far Far Away

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in the not too distant future. Far across the universe, on the other side of the string theorists membrane that lies just to the left of the right side of my brain there is a universe not unlike ours and in that universe a planet spins around its sun.  This planet is special, it has developed in such a way that it supports life.  Over its billions of years of spinning around the life on this planet has developed and matured,through fits and starts, some dead ends some just splits to  the point where one species of life has risen to the top of the heap as it were.  The planet is called Terra by these folk who call themselves Terrans and this is there story.

Rae Ericson sat atop a bluff of sand and beach grass overlooking the bay of Portstown, the bay all windsweapt with whitecaps popping up here and there isn’t large by our standards but it had served the folk of Portstown for many many years.  Portstown itself sits across the opening to the sea.  A once impressive city known as the hub of power and influence by its now dead inhabitants.  Now abandoned and crumbling the city is no more than a reminder of a long history, of heros and villans, progress and depravity, excess and poverty.  

Around Rae sit his pupils, a motly crew to be sure.  These are the sons and daughters of the few reamining families able to spare a child for several cycles, children who would otherwise be working the land or fishing the seas.