My Review of the SOTU

If you didn’t watch the SOTU address, you didn’t miss much.

There will be little intro here, as the review follows.

If you thought you were watching a Democratic President address the Union in front of both houses of Congress dominated by Democrats, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs, and VIP’s, well, you’d be wrong.

The main tone of the SOTU was a President picking fights with BOTH political parties.  Some fights, like President Obama slamming Republicans and the 60 vote threshold, were necessary.  Other fights, like continually telling Democrats BOTH parties have to work together, weren’t.  President Obama acted like he wasn’t even affiliated with a political party, much less, the party in power.

His continued, “why can’t we all work together”, rhetoric got old quickly.  The GOP has proven they have no desire to work together with Democrats.  While trying to act “tough” in tone, his actual words were as mealy-mouthed as they could get.  He never laid down a gauntlet other than to say he’d use the veto pen.  So what?  If the GOP kills a bill or the President, the goal is still the same; bill dead.

He had many opportune moments to wield the hammer, but, he was only wielding a feather duster.

When he slammed the Republicans for their 60 vote threshold, he should have said, “if Republicans believe it takes 60 votes to pass legislation, we will work to remove that back to a simple majority.  Period.”  The GOP couldn’t whine about it without it coming back that they themselves threatened it against Democrats.  They either get off filibustering everything, or, the hammer drops.

Not from this President.

The ONLY decisive action I saw him take was stating he would use Executive Order to move along something stalled in the Senate since they couldn’t get their act together.

All in all, it was a disappointment as President Obama acted like a teacher breaking up a playground fight instead of the President of the United States whose party holds both houses of Congress paving the way for how they get their reforms passed.  No mention of reconciliation.  No mention of nuclear option.  Just a “can’t we all get along?”

Tomorrow, business as usual…


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    • BobbyK on January 28, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Watched american idol on the dvr.

    Figured it couldn’t be worse.  

  1. I was not going to watch him because I have had enough of him and his speeches.  but I changed my mind at the last minute to watch him again.  I am prepared to give him a second chance.  He has to lead now, so we shall see how this works out during the next few months.  I loved it that he had a go at the republicans, finally.  And I dont recall a President taking on the Supreme Court right there in front of him.

  2. Waterboarding would have been more fun.

    Let me guess, are we onto new and different ways in the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America or what.  Could have told you that before not watching him.

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