Martha, Mary, Ernesto and the Coup d’etat Mentality

Nowhere does the Biblical Jesus piss me off more than when he tells Martha, “Tough shit, your sister has chosen the better lot, deal with it.” Spoiled Mary enabling prick.

Really, had I been his speechwriter, I would have had him equitably tell Martha to leave the drudgery behind and come sit and listen too. Or asked everyone to pitch in and not given the speech until all the work was done. Or waved my hand and made the house clean and the food prepared. But I’m way left of Jesus’s authors. Probably left of Jesus himself. Make me a deity, and see who gets smitten, see who is told to passively accept their suckage lot in life. Service to one another only works when everyone plays the game. I have no stomach for a deity who tells one to suck it up and lets the other have all the good shit. Jesus sounds Republican in this one.

Fuck that noise. I like the scripture of Ernesto the Queen-goddess much better. He spoke from a barstool throne with a wine glass scepter in the Holy Land of Haight in the days of yore called the late 70’s.

Ernesto said, “I do not understand why you Americans bother fighting with your Politicians. In my country, if they do not do what they say they are going to do when we elect them, we just kill them and start over.” He paused, smiled angelically, and added, “It makes the next Politicians so very much more careful.

Now that’s a man and a scripture I could start a Religious Movement around. Ain’t a man alive who could get that bitch on a cross.


That is the revolutionary thinking they have taught us to fear even speaking aloud in our land. We fear even TRYING the obviously guilty, we fear investigation, recalls and due process, cannot imagine real revolution.


Because that is exactly what they did to us in November, 1963. It made the People, as well as the Politicians “so very much more careful.”  And thus far? We have accepted our lot, a nation of Marthas with downcast eyes.  

Ernesto would be aghast at where we are now. His aghast would have impact, the kind of impact only an old drag queen who still looks better in a dress than you do can evoke when his ghast is flabbered beyond all previously imagined limits. (not his pic above, he was much cuter, and one shouldn’t make graven images of a real goddess, after all)

I don’t think washing his feet with my hair would even help, though I may consider it just to bring him out of the shock induced coma he would be in, had he had to witness America post-coup now.

The coup d’etat against Kennedy had already happened in his times. Yet, no one even the Queen-goddess could have foreseen it was really only a beginning, and how predictive his words were… in reverse.

The Kennedy assassination taught People they were powerless, that they had to be CAREFUL, for if the most beloved People’s leader in History could be taken out with no repercussion; then no one was safe.

It worked, this dogma of Killing for Control. It is working still, as our “terrorist” threat makes us more afraid of being tagged one, than from being targeted by one. You see, tracking the actions of an American President was fairly easy, when the Powers that Be were in charge of his security. Now, under the guise of our security, every action we take, every keystroke we type is being tracked. It worked on making us way the fuck too careful. Fear culture on every level for the People. Perma-coup with little chance of a reversal coup. We are scrutinized as fully as a Leader of the so-called free world now, by the very men who Killed the Leader of the so-called free world.

(Speaking of which, this is no call to violence my little drones of the intelligencia community; this is a study of its IMPACT on the Political climate.)

((See, even I have my fears. GAH!))

A Nation should not fear its Leaders. Our Leaders should fear us.

Our Politicians are nothing but “Hired help” that are supposed to do our will, act in our best interests.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s minds, Left or Right that this is NOT the case in these times? We hate them all, we know we are being betrayed. We know they serve only the Elite Class, the Kings of Industry letting them slough from their troughs. They are Capitalist Pigs letting the Mice nibble around the edges of their excess. Even their servants who have some lingering microbes of conscience left will do nothing against them, because they kill those who do not do their bidding.


We have let the Killers take over our Land. We have let them create private armies. We have let them into our homes and thoughts and every move. We have accepted our lot. Wake the fuck up Marthas.

We know who they are. We know what needs doing.

Can you imagine if we had engaged the Ernesto Scriptures in 2001 after the stolen election? Can you imagine a World in which 9/11 was prevented not encouraged to happen? Can you imagine having struck down the highest echelons of the Cheney/Wolfy/Rove machine with extreme prejudice? Can you imagine a World in which Wall Street was smitten from the Earth by the rage of those betrayed by it?

The people who took power next would have been so very much more careful to do their duty to the interests of the People who put them in charge.

1963 was one coup too many. 2001 was one coup too few.

In 2010? We really need to start studying hard on the implications of the Ernesto doctrine. We need to flush the Martha mentality.

Viva la revolucion! Long live Ernesto!


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    • Diane G on January 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    Lets make them very, very, extremely careful.


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