Let the pearl-clutching begin!

Democrat Martha Coakley has conceded the Mass. election.

As much as the NY-23 special election, where the GOP should have held the seat, was as much about voters being angry at the GOP, the Mass. special election was about voters being angry at the Democratic Party.

As Gov. Howard Dean stated, the Democrats were elected on a promise of providing real change, and, they have failed in that promise.


By all accounts, Coakley ran a bad campaign.  She literally went on vacation when her opponent was out running for office.  The seat was hers to lose, and, she lost it.

But, look at the independent vote — 2/3 of independents supported Brown.

Again, as Gov. Dean has said, voters send messages and they are upset at the President and the Democratic Party for their failure to govern.  

When you are faced with two choices; 1) a party that governs badly, or 2) a party that doesn’t govern at all; who do you vote for?

The pearl-clutching is already starting.

Well done Massholes. You’re little “wake-up call” to the Democrats just set this country back who knows how much. You legitimized the ridiculousness being spewed from the right and you acted like cowards who vote against their own best interest to prove a point – a point, mind you, THAT YOU’RE WRONG ABOUT.

You know, when people like me were on Daily Kos telling them how they were simply playing apologist and it would come back to bite them, I got banned.  Now, it has bitten them.

Clutch more pearls.

Please stop undermining Health Care Reform with your public comments! As a taxpayer I am paying your salary to help the public by passing a Health Care Reform bill ASAP. Pass the Senate bill in the House and have the President sign it. Then you can make changes with new bills. Stop whining and get something done, for god’s sake!!! Don’t be a crybaby. Accomplish something instead of just talking about it on TV.

By all means, simply pass a piece-of-shit, industry-bought bill, and STFU!  Bypass the House and just do what a few want instead of what hundreds of millions of people were PROMISED.  It was that mentality that lost the race, btw.

What’s really funny?

The GOP got the Democrats to change the bill until it mirrored what the GOP wanted, then, hung that on them!  People didn’t like those ideas when they voted against it in 2008!

– mandates?  

– tax health plans?

Those were McCain’s ideas!  The GOP ran on those ideas and LOST!  They are now hung around President Obama’s neck with a bill he simply wants passed so he can say he passed “something”.  And, guess what, people STILL don’t like them!

Face it, we were right and the losers at DK are still wrong…


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  1. ‘Massholes’.

    I know, let’s just trash one of the most liberal states in the country, a state that has been on the forefront of progressive battles since the fucking revolution, because the president sucks.

  2. ….  there is still enough time for insurance industry to get its TARP bailout before the State of the Foo- Bung.

  3. and I don’t play one on teevee either, but I saw this one coming a mile away. They thought they had this one in the bag. It’s what happens when you believe your own hype.

    Wait for more promises/lies to come our way. They know now they need us back to win a second term for O.  

    • ANKOSS on January 20, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    Smooth, elegant, and nicely credentialled, our telegenic young President makes one bad decision after another. More war, bailouts for Wall Street, and boosting profits for the insurance companies.

    Now we are starting to see a political backlash that will bring us even more war and even more power concentrated in the hands of corporations. America has a societal death wish, and our broken political system and TV mobocracy are accelerating our demise.

    Obama’s administration will be viewed as the decisive failure of superficial politics in a nation that refuses to face incovenient truth. We needed the necessary man, and we got a black Tony Blair.

  4. energetic, new voters who would have been the core of

    a liberal resurgence in the Democratic Party. His game of simple deceit in a time of great turmoil is unforgiveable.

    He and his recycled Clinton administration (with the Bush Defense Sec.) have sold out, SOLD OUT.

    It was a GIANT ESTATE SALE i.e. The United State of America

    Bush pulled the rug out from under the table, and Obama has sawn the legs off. We’re looking at the CON JOB of all CON JOBS. It’s the mother of all CON JOBS. We see Bozos and Stooges at every turn in Washington. It’s infested with

    incompetence and delusion.

    It looks like Obama is the articulator in chief of a bunch of second rate door to door salesmen, whose only purpose is to sell cleaning products that aren’t worth a shit.

    He and his guys are probably on commission, to be compensated later.

    There ain’t no technical explanation for the Mass. Senate Vote last night. The people just don’t like the shit they see.

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