Iraq War Inquiry Resumes: Day 4

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There wasn’t much reporting on last weeks testimonies especially concerning any bits and pieces as to what counterparts here in the States were either saying or doing, except for this testimony from fridays session, as it seemed to follow what previously had already been testified too.:

Iraq military coup a possibility, ambassador tells Chilcot inquiry

The establishment of democracy in Iraq is “not a done deal”, Britain’s ambassador to the country warned today. A military coup was “a real possibility”, he said.


“There is clearly a balance to be drawn between using the professional competence and experience of former army officers under Saddam to provide the backbone of the modern Iraqi security forces, and dealing with the suspicions and fears of others that this is the reintroduction of irreconcilable elements of the Ba’ath party,” Jenkins said…..>>>>>

Which in turn is getting this reported response from Iraq’s leaders and people:

Strong reaction to warning of coup

The prime minister Nouri al Maliki is displayed, right, on an Emergency Rapid Brigade vehicle taking part in a parade for Police Day. Mohammed Ameen / Reuters

A warning by the British ambassador to Iraq that a military coup was still a “real possibility” in Baghdad has set off swirling rumours of conspiracy, and been met with wildly divergent reactions, some accusing him of scaremongering, others hoping it is a prophecy that will come true.

John Jenkins told the Chilcot inquiry in London on Friday that democracy was far from assured in Iraq and the military could still overthrow an elected government.

Many in Iraq believe such a development may be welcomed.


“There is no way that a military takeover of Iraq is possible, not in the near term or the long term,” he said. “The Iraqi people would not tolerate it, the Iraqi constitution forbids it and the Americans, who have a vested interest in seeing our democracy succeed, would not allow it.”>>>>>

Democracy? Succeed?, I really don’t think the ‘vested interest’  americans have any concern about democracy, even with a small ‘d’.

There’s another report out about Al Maliki warning about buying votes, which would leave the impression this is already happening or went on in their previous elections since the occupation, that purple dye costs you know.

There was though some interesting other news not coming from the Inquiry last week with one giving a window into this weeks possible testimonies and maybe more pieces on interest as to the United States lead of involvement with what went on here and control over the British Government and Military counterparts.

Alastair Campbell had Iraq dossier changed to fit US claims

New evidence reveals the extent to which those drafting the Iraqi arms dossier colluded with the US on Alastair Campbell’s instructions. Photograph: Graham Turner

‘WMD in a year’ allegation halved original timescale after compilers told to compare contents with Bush speech

Fresh evidence has emerged that Tony Blair’s discredited Iraqi arms dossier was “sexed up” on the instructions of Alastair Campbell, his communications chief, to fit with claims from the US administration that were known to be false.

The pre-invasion dossier’s worst-case estimate of how long it would take Iraq to acquire a nuclear weapon was shortened in response to a George Bush speech.

As Campbell prepares to appear before the Iraq inquiry on Tuesday, new evidence reveals the extent to which – on his instructions – those drafting the notorious dossier colluded with the US administration to make exaggerated claims about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction….>>>>>

So stay tuned for tomorrows testimony, will Campbell explain the above, will he give us much more in site into what was being said and done behind the scenes especially as to the cheney/bush administrations, with possible collution with their republican controlled congress or at least the leadership of as well as the intelligence agencies and their growing private army of hired mercenary contractors!

Another report surfaced that might also be of major concern as to what our policies are in that region, who we’re dealing with once again, the possible weakening even further of our Countries National Security, even more so then what the previous administration accomplished.

US forges alliance with Saddam Hussein officers to fight al-Qaeda

Baathist officers who fled Iraq in the wake of the fall of Saddam are working with US intelligence  Photo: REUTERS

American counter-terrorism specialists and Saddam Hussein’s former intelligence officers have forged an unlikely alliance in Yemen to tackle al-Qaeda.


The two sides were enemies on the battlefield just seven years ago but have been brought together by the failings of Yemen’s security and intelligence apparatus, according to diplomatic and military sources in the country.

Although mutual suspicions linger, the collaboration is said to have achieved some intelligence breakthroughs and helped instill greater efficiency and professionalism within the most elite Yemeni counterterrorism outfit.


Under pressure from the United States in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s president, created the rival National Security Agency (NSA).


A number of former Iraqi officers, some of them members of Saddam’s feared intelligence service, the Mukhabarat, were recruited to the service.


Many fled to Syria before receiving an invitation to come to Yemen from President Saleh, according to former Yemeni military officers and analysts.

“After the collapse of the Baathists in Iraq, many came to Yemen,” said Fares al-Saqqaf, a prominent analyst. “Many saw it as a transit point, but others stayed here and became government experts.”….>>>>>

This had to have been known by the previous administration now one wonders was it passed on to the new by the Intelligence Community, or another secret coming to light, and if so when did cooperation with these former Saddam thugs begin!

I doubt we’ll hear anything about this from the Inquiry, but then again maybe so if the Brits were involved in similar and this started during the previous administration, my guess is it did, not just something that happened in the last year!

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    The first of the detainees/enemy combatants arrived at Guantánamo Bay, the U.S. military base on the southeastern coast of Cuba.

    Detainees in a plane on their way to Guantanamo

    Detailed report of the status of Guantánamo detainees

    Questions: Now if this happened to you, all that has happened, and you were one of the many just picked up anywhere with no evidence as to any involvement then years later released with no trial nor even knowing why you were targeted for and possibly tortured, would you seek retaliation or understand why others with you might??????

    Or how about family members, friends, fellow countrypersons……………….??

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