Hollywood vs. Blackwater

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Although the extraordinarily evil corporation formerly known as Blackwater is prospering under its new nom de guerre, Xe, it has been decisively defeated in the arena of popular culture. Hollywood has pronounced its verdict in three recent films: “Moon,” “District 9,” and “Avatar.” In each of these films, a corporation assumes all the powers of a sovereign state and unleashes elite mercenaries to ravage the innocent in pursuit of profit. This consistently negative depiction of malevolent, militarized, predatory corporations is a clear indication that the public no longer supports these corporate killers. Let’s take a quick look at the films:

In “Moon” (2009), the Blackwater outfit is “Lunar Industries” (LI), a mining corporation that uses its workers as expendable parts and dispatches mercenary goons to handle personnel problems.

In “District 9” (2009), the Blackwater outfit is “Multinational United” (MNU) a militarized corporation that polices a huge alien population stranded on Earth using the most brutal and ruthless methods.

In “Avatar” (2009), the Blackwater outfit is “Resource Development Administration” (RDA), a quasi-military corporation with monopoly rights to exploit an entire planet by any means necessary.

Most educated adults would leave these films with the following impressions:

1. Corporations should not be trusted with governmental functions.

2. Corporations should not be permitted to operate outside the law.

3. Corporations should not control mercenary armies.

4. Corporate mercenary armies attract sociopathic killers.

5. Blackwater killers are the scum of the Earth.

Although public opinion is fickle, in this court the jury has rendered its verdict: Blackwater-type paycheck killers are the bad guys. It remains to be seen how long it takes for the popular culture’s verdict to convince the political paymasters of the mercenaries to muzzle these vicious dogs of war.


  1. and a pretty decent movie as well.

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