Hollywood Confidential

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Just a little musical response to those who mistake malicious gossip for political analysis, judgment, and working towards serving the public good.

My mama didn’t raise me for a fool.

I rarely gossip publicly.  But as buhdy said in Happy Pony Joy Rainbows! and spies:

Wherein I simply cannot, in the face of THIS much stupidity, keep from lowering myself to personal attack. Mea culpa. Hopefully it will serve some higher purpose, But how can one NOT respond to this level of blatant hypocritical insanity, when one is one of the targets of it?

Ta, dahlings.


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  1. … I’ve been on a “list.”

  2. its all shizz’s fault

  3. Off Topic Question

    am I the only one who thinks theres something off about this?

  4. ….. and to top it off I had to take antihistamine and it’s not only not working well so my ears have bubble squawk sounds in them but I’m really fighting groggyness on top of my exhaustion-

    and I had to miss another episode of These Are The Days of Our Blogs

    so I’m not quite caught up yet. Was there any spontaneous combustion or rapturing?

    Dronefire hasn’t hit the house yet but they may be wanting to see who I contact next to  continue the secret conspiracy to deny human trafficing to Wellpointe.

    And I thought it was a pain in the ass when Doolittle merely referred to us as terrorists.

  5. With my 2nd band, at the Old Derby club, on 11/17/05.

    The club is no longer there, I believe. We were so badass that we hastened its demise.


  6. to contest their Facebook group and I’m going to call it:

    “The Stupid Group That Was Created to Counter the 2 Stupider Groups”. Or something.

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