Haiti: “The world is coming to an end…”

Channel 4 News via The Real News Network – January 14, 2010

Haiti earthquake: ‘100,000 may be dead’

Haiti’s President warns the scale of suffering is “unimaginable”

Haiti and her people have not only been treated to catastrophe by nature, but have also suffered unimaginably at the hands of other countries. Reminiscent of the ten year sanctions war that killed over a million people in Iraq, mostly women and children, Haiti’s people have for a long time been victims of the global trade system, which has forced Haitians to buy imported food staples, despite the existence of a once-robust agricultural economy.

In April 2008 Raj Patel of UC-Berkeley’s Center for African Studies and author of Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System, spoke with Paul Jay of The Real News about Haiti’s suffering. (video on the flip)

Real News Network – April 17, 2008

How World Bank policies led to famine in Haiti

TRNN REPLAY – Raj Patel: International trade rules have ravaged Haiti’s domestic food production


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  1. It seems that it’s ALWAYS the poor of the world that are “targeted” one way or another — how can they ever be anything but POOR!

    There is enough food and everything to go around in this world — it is the selectivity of the corporate monsters controlling the distribution of foods, medicines, etc. that cause the continuum of poverty, as well as the deliberate actions of governments, such as ours!

    All makes one so sick inside!

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