Haiti: Let Them Eat Bullets, or Worms?

Amid accusations that the US Government is using the disaster in Haiti as a pretext to militarily occupy and control the country, and while the deputy commander of U.S. Southern Command, Lieutenant-General Ken Keen, has said that he thinks the eventual Haitian death toll from the earthquake will be between 150,000 and 200,000 people, there are now also video reports from on the ground in Haiti of people there seeing more guns than food as the most visible face of ‘humanitarian’ aid efforts, and of starving people being given food containing ‘bugs and worms’:

al Jazeera via The Real News Network – January 18, 2010

Disputes emerge over Haiti aid control

Most Haitians here have seen little humanitairian aid so far. What they have seen is guns.

January 15th: A botched humanitarian food distribution in Port au Prince, Haiti. Nico Jolliet’s new video from a food distribution point in Port-au-Prince.  The crowd reacts in disgust after being given crackers filled with “bugs and worms” as food aid.

Video/editing by Nicolas Jolliet. http://www.insidedisaster.com/

Haiti reports from www.InsideDisaster.com – January 18, 2010

Haiti food aid: crackers with “bugs and worms”


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    MSF continues to do good work

  1. Bugs and worms from the World Food Program?  Probably, a stash that had sat a long time — you’d think they’d check that stuff beforehand!  How heartbreaking to see these people grabbing crackers and then unable to eat them!  


    As you know, there was an earthquake in Venezuela, just the other day, “hitting” a major oil refinery there.  Now, all within one week, there’s been another earthquake, one in Argentina.

    More HAARP: Argentina hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake after Haiti and Venezuela

    17 Jan 2010

    The latest news is a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Argentina after the 7.0 Haiti Earthquake and the 5.6 Venezuela Earthquake, and all less than a week apart. According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake was centered 354 km southeast of Ushuaia, Argentina, the capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, at a depth of 21 km, or about 10.5 miles down. The earthquake hit at 8am local time (1200 GMT, 8pm Singapore time).

    Sure find it curious, as South American countries have been becoming stronger, more self-reliant and have and are firmly rejecting interference from the U.S., and Haiti, too, was becoming more friendly with Venezuela.  


    Everything, but everything continues to have the earmarks of our “fingerprints” as in “Katrina.”

    Caricom blocked… as US takes control of airport 17 Jan 2010

    The Caribbean Community’s emergency aid mission to Haiti, comprising Heads of Government and leading technical officials, failed to secure permission Friday to land at that devastated country’s airport, now under the control of the United States. Consequently, the Caricom ‘assessment mission’, that was to determine priority humanitarian needs resulting from the earthquake disaster of Haiti last Tuesday, had to travel back from Jamaica to their respective home destinations. On Friday afternoon the US State Department confirmed signing two ‘Memoranda of Understanding’ with the Government of Haiti that made official that the United States is in charge of all inbound and outbound flights and aid off-loading…’ Prior to the US taking control of Haiti’s airport, a batch of some 30 Cuban doctors had left Havana, following Wednesday’s earthquake, to join more than 300 of their colleagues who have been working there for more than a year.

    Tens of thousands neglected at quake epicentre

    17 Jan 2010

    The immense scale of the earthquake devastation outside Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, is becoming clearer. People in Leogane, at the quake’s epicentre, have so far been left to fend for themselves in ad hoc squatter camps. “It’s the very epicentre of the earthquake, and many, many thousands are dead,” said World Food Program (WFP) spokesman David Orr.

    Report: Blackwater ‘protecting news outlet’ in Haiti 16 Jan 2010

    Report via Twitter by Jeremy Scahill: ‘Getting reports from #Haiti that #Blackwater is “protecting” at least one major US media outlet’s people.’

    Finally, some due praise for Cuba:

    Cuba helping in HaitiBetween 600 and 700 patients treated daily 17 Jan 2010

    Steve Kastenbaum gave a laudatory report on CNN about the La Paz hospital where the Cubans are operating in Haiti, with help of Spanish and Latin American surgeons. Kastenbaum reports that La Paz Hospital, established by the Cubans, is one of the only places in Port au Prince currently where ordinary Haitians can be treated. Several dozen surgeries are taking place daily, with few supplies and facilities; the hospital is operating 24 hours a day.

    Here’s a video of Steve Kastenbaum, showing the La Paz Hospital, in process:


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