Fashion Tidbit

I hate the word “tidbit.”  I don’t know why I used it in my title.  Must be going mad.

Most of you may not know I have been perusing the fashion blogs and am now hooked on their whimsical reportage.

I tend to go first to Blogdorf Goodman because I like both the blog and the blogroll.

Ended up at Kingdom of Style, where I found the perfect fashion statement for Docudharmaniacs.

Mystic Pony Boots!

pony boots

Alas, this is the biggest pic I could make in photobucket, but if you hit this link, there’s a bigger picture.

The boots are $30.00 and can be found at The Sportsmans Guide.

From the outdoor experts come these puddle-jumping Misty Pony Rubber Boots. Get your wet, sloppy chores done in half the time and with a smile on your face! Make it easy, especially when you get your pair here for LESS!

Long-lasting Itasca quality:

   * Waterproof rubber uppers for durability

   * Rubber outsole for high-traction grip

   * Removable, polyester-lined EVA insole for comfort

   * Moisture-wicking polyester lining

   * Adjustable side strap. Approx. 13 1/4″h., 18 ozs. each.

Sadly, I do not see these gems in sizes for men.  Hopefully that will change one day.


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  2. … blogging can be a “wet sloppy chore,” dontcha think?

  3. are getting cracked with age. I might need to replace them.

    • Robyn on January 10, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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