Did Cass Sunstein write “Conspiracy Theories?”

There are numerous claims and allegations that Cass Sunstein wrote a controversial paper entitled, “Conspiracy Theories…,” in which he is alleged to have advocated government infiltration of said conspiracy theorists.

The link to that paper is here:


His publication record at Harvard fails to show this particular publication.  That link is here:


Question: did Cass Sunstein write the paper he is alleged to have written?  Or is that paper a forgery?

All other questions and controversies are null and void prior to ascertaining the veracity of this fact.


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  1. It is a revolution information wise.  Some people are waking up.  It’s obvious “Change” means highly oppressive corporate globalized fascism and many people won’t stand for it.

    Emergency bailout bill passed under threat of martial law

    False flag swine flu depopulation effort

    Destroy the health care industry bill

    Energy rationing resulting in global poverty

  2. I have no idea if he wrote this or not. I sure as hell don’t trust worldnetdaily. I will say though that just because it isn’t in that bibliography doesn’t mean he didn’t write it. Especially since it is listed as a “working paper” at the site that has it.  

  3. He is one the proponents of this concept. An “availability cascade” seems to be describing the dynamics of the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) regarding 9/11.


    Very curious reasoning displayed; some kind of intellectual dishonesty camoflauged with extreme mental gymnastics.

  4. This just shows you that that there is ZERO difference when it comes to hoarding and exercising unlimited powers against us schumcks and peasants.

    A true picture of the real American political picture right how would be a donkey trying to fuck an elephant in the ass and stepping on all of the rest of us trying to get it in straight.

    Unbelievable, this guy is a fucking maniac right up there with Ashcroft and the rest of the fascists.


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