Countdown to January 18: Goldman’s Bonus Day UPDATED

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January 18 is a week from today.

This is the day when Goldman Sachs officially announces how much loot it’s going to divide between it’s fellow gangmembers.  

It’s expected to be in the 20 BILLION dollar range.   20 BILLION dollars.    The spoils of crime, divided up in the hideout.  

Will Americans just sit back and let this happen?

Will be there any kind of protest there?  

If not, why not?

This is not a partisan issue.   If you talk to anyone, Repub, Dem, doesn’t matter, everyone is royally furious about this.   This actually transcends politics unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime.    (well okay, when Coke got rid of its original formula, that was the closest thing to a real revolution I’ve ever seen in this country.   Shows you where people’s values are here).    

Does Goldman Sachs actually expect to have a “business as usual” day that day?    Do they really expect they’re just gonna walk in through the front door, whistling, empty briefcase in hand, unmolested?    

And that they’re gonna be allowed to leave, with the promise of looted billions in those same briefcases?  

Are we just gonna let them do that, or are we gonna make some noise?

Hell, the shareholders alone of the company should be burning the damn building down over this!

(disclaimer:  I am not a shareholder).

And you’d think if Greece could send a few thousand people into the streets, New York could, too.

So where are they?   Is anyone planning anything?

You can count me out.  I’m in Los Angeles, unemployed and flat-ass broke.   Credit cards are gone, everything’s gone, I’m not travelling anywhere.

But what about the other 299,999,999 people in this country?  

UPDATED:  Here’s some nice graphical information courtesy of Mother Jones.   Looks like the TBTF companies who now run the world are going to divvy up a total of $140,000,000,000 in “bonuses”.   Any day now.  

4,793 — $1 million-plus bonuses paid by major Wall St. firms in 2008

7.7%  — Compensation increase at major firms from 2007 to 2009…

30%  —   …and at JPMorgan Chase

$140B — Projected 2009 compensation at major firms


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    • Inky99 on January 12, 2010 at 01:27

    If there was ever a time to raise a  big public stink, this would be it.

  1. State of the Union.  Man, these guys don’t give a shit about perceptions.  good to know who’s on your side, Mr. President.

  2. That’s more than Obama’s so called Jobs program.  The public won’t even blink an eye, they’ve become numb to the numbers.  I do think there is a way, but it is going to take alot of people getting together with a plan not just on how to attack it but with the money to do it.  I feel we’re inching closer to being able to do that, but we need money.  How about getting 100,000 people to buy lotto tickets for a year, all pledging the proceeds to an activist campaign against the oligarchy?  

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