An unusual bird story

I live on a ridge top in East Tennessee. I have a large deck accessed by four patio doors. The deck overlooks the valley and the forested ridge on the other side. Usually there are 3 to 10 hawks/bussards/falcons cruising over the valley looking for a meal.

Yesterday a dove crashed into the kitchen patio door at top speed and was stunned. It was lying on the deck and my wife went to help. As she reached down to pick it up, a falcon? swooped in and took it away. I said falcon because my wife described it as slightly larger than the dove. I have seen the prey birds catch other birds, snakes and small animals but this incident tops my list of weird. Obviously I need some education about birds of prey in tnis area.


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    • Xanthe on January 4, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    I saw large crows go after baby sparrows in a nest in a Chicago park.  People were screaming – but it is nature after all.  I don’t think of it often – your home sounds lovely.

    Doves are vulnerable, aren’t they?  

    Good fable here.

  1. lives in Riverside Heights told me about the time she saw a hawk catch a snake.  And once, in Central Park, I saw a red-tailed hawk (I think it was Pale Male but can’t be sure) land in a tree near me, a mouse in its claws.

    Birds are dinosaurs, and some of them are predators.  I’m sorry about your dove, but a hawk (or merlin or falcon) has to eat, too.

    As far as learning more about birds of prey: Cornell obviously isn’t in your area, but it has one of the great ornithology departments in the country.  Here’s a link to their site:

  2. Actually, I just baby sat and kept the dogs away until animal control picked it up and took it to Wildlife Rescue.

    I don’t know if it survived, but it sure made me feel good.

    I love those Pelicans as they fly along the crest of the waves, almost like air surfing. I also enjoy their fearless diving for fish.

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