Where are the Security Checkpoints for Money and Capital?

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As People are faced with more and more restrictions and invasions of privacy what about the funding of terrorism?

Why is it that the rights of People are so easily trampled upon and limited, while the rights of money and capital are completely liberated?

Money, capital and goods contribute greatly to terrorism. In fact, every act of terrorism uses money, capital and goods.

It’s time to put money, capital and goods up to the same kind of scrutiny that People are put to in the Global War on Terror.

Why is it that we have a Police State for the People and hands off for the Property?

When capital, goods and money can flow unimpeded and People are locked into national boundaries and security checkpoints, things don’t look good for a society.

People must submit to full body scans. OK…

Then I want full deal scans for bankers – just to ensure that they’re not working with terrorists. I want their money detained and investigated. I want them to not be able to use paperclips because they can be used to stab someone.

But that won’t happen. It won’t happen because privacy is a must when it comes to business. There are the constitutional rights of corporations to consider… Our entire economacy would collapse.

The sad fact is this:

Capital, Property and Profit are more important than people.

So there will be no ‘full deal scans’ to protect us from terrorism. There will be no impedance to the freeflow of capital. Some freedoms are too important to be limited.


    • k9disc on December 30, 2009 at 22:15
    • k9disc on December 30, 2009 at 23:22

    “the Patriot Act did that. It was mostly about economic impedance.”

    Was the gist of it.

    And it proves the point of the different manner of treatment.

    For capital and money the rules are codified into law, even a law as dark and dubious as the PATRIOT Act, is a law.

    When Property is impacted, there must be a law, but when impacting People you can just make it so, no law, no deliberation – just happens

    “You, there! Get that off your lap! There are no things on laps on planes any more.”

    It’s crazy.

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