Weekend Nightcap


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  1. Haven’t seen alot of smooth jazz on this site, but maybe it won’t play well here.  

    When asked years ago by a friend to explain the difference between blues and jazz, my knee jerk reply went something like, “Jazz is cerebral.  Blues is visceral.”  

    Although there is much overlap between the two and they seem to share a close sibling relationship, the differences may be a bit more complicated.

    Jazz is usually instrumental, and when accompanied by lyrics, most that I’ve heard has been fairly neutral, that is, no messages about the trials and travails of life, need for social change or other issues likely to stimulate the mind or soul.  By contrast, blues oftentimes includes lyrics, most often speaking to the condition of life, thereby contributing to thought and reflection.

    That said, jazz may serve as a welcome counterbalance to some of the other forms of music out there, and at certain times, seems to fill the void like no other genre.

  2. all of it too tired to post a contribution but thanks.

  3. my computer tends to crash, but I’m listening to jazz right now on the radio, courtesy of WRTI, Temple U. public radio (they do classical music from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and jazz the other 12 hours).

    Last night the DJ was honoring Ol’ Blue Eyes & while I’ve never been a Sinatra fan, I did enjoy some of the cuts from his Big Band-era early years, including one with Louis Armstrong.

    Here’s the link, if you’d like to listen online:


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