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I posted an entry on the Mediocre Orange Hype this morning regarding the Full Court Press, or to be more specific, laying the foundations for it.  It’s a rewrite of what was posted over at Closed Left that got me banned again.  So far the results are favorable; more people supported it at last count than not, but I want to make sure the entry makes the rec list.  If it does, more people will vote in the poll, and we’ll have a better idea of how much support there is in the blogosphere for Jeff’s Full Court Press idea.  I mean, if a large enough number of Kos readers are willing to go with Jeff’s idea, then we can certainly get large numbers of other blog readers to go with it.


    • Edger on December 23, 2009 at 18:51

    –> at BuzzFlash:

    It’s Time to Play Hardball

    “Because that’s what it’s going to take, the netroots joining together to actively campaign against the Dems, in order for the left to be taken seriously. This will require playing genuine political hardball going into next year’s midterms, and building up going into 2012. The following is based largely on the entry, “For a Full Court Press — 435 Democratic Congressional Primaries”. It proposes action going into the 2012 elections, but it seems to me that we can and should begin building the foundations next year (which is only days away) for the midterms. The point is this: if progressives don’t start getting genuinely tough with the Democrats, and start making the party accountable to us, then it’s going to continue behaving like a party of Republican-wannabes that simply use and abuse us while implementing Republican policies – which we all know are utterly disastrous for the country. Here is what I propose. read more…

    If it gets 12 buzzes it could make their front page, and umpteen thousands of people will see it, and maybe some of them will run as progressives against the sell outs in the democratic party, and win seats in Congress, and create a single player health care plan while prosecuting torturers and wall street thieves and passing laws against poisoning the earth.

    And it will all be your fault.

    Is a couple of mouse clicks and keystrokes too much work to change the world? Go buzz it up:

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