Stuff You Just Feel, Stuff I Accessed from Whatever

I die before my mother.  I mean it’s just karmic comedy. She gets to bury both of her kids. Cousin Brian and all the people at the funeral who wondered how a 6 foot 1 guy was stuffed into a four foot left over “on sale” child’s coffin.  The government people who made an entire movie including drawings I did as a child at my grandmother’s house.  Talk about knowing shit about you, my head spinneth when I saw that even if it as eons ago.  In the end I get to “disappear” from like normal sheeple life and all.  I have to wonder was I a potential MKULTRA.  Obviously I am totally and completely messed up but it’s interesting in these interesting times.

We found out my horse, the red Apocalyptic plague one is cart driving trained already.  The plan is to restore a one horse open sleigh and get some old time family Christmas pictures.

The wife told me about a co-worker.  The school called about her daughter.  She was confused.  Didn’t know what class to go to, who she was, where she was.

Segway to a week and a half in Boston Childrens Hospital, ya she did come out of the coma and is now home but kind of like an autistic child.

Started two days after she got a swine flu shot.

Got enough software to start burning Richard Hoagland’s three part series from the project camelot videos.  They came out excellent and play on normal DVD players.  The next step should be downloaded youtubes of the ancient ruins on Mars or should I build the zero point free energy device.  Priorities, priorities.

What does really suck?  I am an American but I hate, Americans?  Nah, I shouldn’t word it that way, let me try again.  I hate people who have been generationally lied to, their entire false matrix of worldviews, their attempts to make sense of an artifically manufactured world.  Do I want that negative karma on my soul of having to hurt someone else simply because they don’t understand, no, I just have this observe and record the happenings type of destiny.  Am I “Gods” witness I have thought but hey even that could be bogus too.

Have not been to since they emulated kos in the denial of reality department.  Whatever, what is reality indeed.  The no work Homeboy Insecurity list of tin foil hatters like me who should be denied a job via

Now I know you all did not, could not follow any of that!

Help you grampy my three year old says, the last reason I get up in the morning.