Predictions 2010

This is my first time, so bear with me.

#1 Late in 2010, Barack Obama will realize that the Republicans are not trying to help rebuild the country from the Republican disaster of the last nine years.

#2 Just in time for the 2010 election, the voters will realize that the Democrats aren’t trying to help them rebuild from the Republican disaster of the last nine years.

#3 Realizing there is a HUGE power vacuum, the more progressive Senators and House Leaders will push for new, REAL reforms in all areas of government. The Obama Admin will shut them down. Hard.

#4 There will be shocking new revelations of law breaking on Wall St. and in the Insurance Industry. Nothing will happen.

#5 There will be shocking new revelations of torture and other war crimes. Nothing will happen.

#6 There will be shocking new revelations of corruption in Congress….nothing will happen.

#7 There will be shocking new revelations that our policies in Afghanistan are making things worse not better….nothing will happen.

#8 After all of this nothing happening (as opposed to, ya know, Change)….The 2010 elections will have a record low turnout and Repubs will “win.” Or. The 2010 elections will have a record high turnout and the Dems will win….but still not “have the votes.”

#9 As a result of this…..nothing will happen.

#10 Climate Change will continue to accelerate and we will all start to see the immensely serious consequences of decades of inaction. Nothing will happen.

Bonus Prediction: Something completely unexpected will happen. And no one will know what to do about it…but it will change everything.


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  2. “Prediction: something completely unpredictable will  happen…” lol! Spot on!!!

    • Diane G on December 28, 2009 at 20:42

    More Mota, less cigarettes.

    Compensation for the habit and better dreams than Chantix!!!!

  3. a condom filled with explosive topping on that.

    Merry ek’smas.

    • TMC on December 28, 2009 at 20:53

    that nothing will change but a lot will happen. Where is it martini time?  

  4. Prediction: People will start to observe that the health care fiasco / insurance company welfare bill of 2009 mostly doesn’t take effect until 2014, and that their health insurance premiums are going through the roof now.  That people are unable to afford health care and are dying in ever greater numbers as a result.

    Talking head Democratic apologists will say that no one could have predicted this and that Barack Obama and the Democrats cannot be expected to share blame, because this was completely unexpected.

    • Edger on December 28, 2009 at 21:02

    More and more people will continue to wake up, and the BS volume from the media will be cranked up to brain jellifying levels to counteract the growing awakening. Eventually the stupid will get violent, and at that point the pendulum will start to swing back towards sanity. That point of course will also be the limits of insanity so it may get ugly for awhile, and hopefully this will happen in 2010…

  5. Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl?  I was thinkin’ about puttin’ down a wager.

    I predict the Death PanelsĀ© will get goin’ in 2010 and target our most patriotic grandmothers.

    Also I predict Levi Johnston will start doin’ commercials for a tomato producer.

  6. comeback big time, with some help from some big donors, particularly in “old Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

  7. getting Rahm fired and Obama will take a more progressive turn after the loss of the Senate.

  8. as  a result of allowing the obamabots to abuse everyone with impunity.

  9. the next Democratic campaign speech!

    The Democrats Address us:

    AGENT RAHM: “I’m going to be as forthcoming as I can be with you, Mr. American.  You are here because we need your vote.  We know that you’ve been considering not supporting certain individuals, among them a certain person named Obama.

    Whatever you think you know about this man is irrelevant.  He is considered by many Democratic strategists to be the most charismatic popular man alive.

    My colleagues believe I’m wasting my time with you but I believe you wish to do the right thing.  I’m willing to wipe the slate clean and give you a fresh start, and all that we’re asking in return is your cooperation in making campaign donations and phone calls and bringing a known hero back to the White House.

    Mr. American.  Yeah, well that sounds like a really good idea.  But I think I’ve got a better one.  How about I give you the finger and you give me my universal health care?

    Agent Rahm:  Mmmm.  Mr. American, you disappoint me.

    Mr. American: You can’t scare me with this Republicans will win crap.  I have voting rights.  I want my health care.

    Agent Rahm: Tell me Mr. American, what good is health care if you have no freedom of speech?

    Mr. American: Mmmm … mmmmmph … mmmmmphhh!  

    Agent Rahm:  You’re going to help us, Mr. American, whether you want to or not.

    Mr. American wakes up in bed sometime in November 2012, wondering what the hell happened.

    • Heather on December 28, 2009 at 23:07

    We’re all dying of something.

    And it’s probably….

    Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

    But Dr. Wilson can cure you.

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