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  1. blahs.  so hey, heres a new graphic for whoever wants it. “Chump Change”. I dont have time to grab it.

  2. ineffectiveness – this is a really a good piece on the incredible lameness of beings knows as dim-o-shits?? Democrats?

    My ONLY beef with the writer, he doesn’t speell $ocial cla$$ ritely.

    since bowers and I have not kissed and made up, I haven’t graced Mr. Emerson’s diary … yawn.



    The Wonk Demographic and the Stupid Voters

    by: John Emerson

    Sat Dec 12, 2009 at 12:00

    (Here’s another diary from John, taking a slightly different angle of approach to the pernicious influence of anti-populist attitudes in the Democratic Party. – promoted by Paul Rosenberg)

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