Kos Gets in the Weeds

Markos can be a statesman:

Let me say up front that my disagreement with the “support the current bill” crowd is based on policy and political considerations, but I can see how reasonable people can come to the opposite conclusion. I don’t think supporters of this wreck of a bill are stupid or compromised or anything like that.

Classy.  Fair.  Ha ha ha ha ha.

All right, I’m a fool to be sarcastic.  Sorry.

Then he goes all weedy and deals with two prominent folks who have disagreed with him – Ezra Klein and Nate Silver.  Nate Silver’s “20 Questions for Bill Killers” really brings out the classic old-skool blogger in kos, the whole blockquote your opponent and then slam him in return comment.

Nothing new there, folks have been saying this for months and now events are giving “informed opinion” the resonance and weight of “fact.”

As to the ambiance of the blogosphere, I am not among those who feel this way:

Regardless, this is a fantastic debate. For critics who bemoaned the lack of policy discussed on blogs, this year has certainly proven that when we do have the opportunity to impact policy (i.e. a Democratic-run government), we certainly can get into the weeds on policy.

I don’t think this has been a “fantastic debate.”  And as immigration is just now beginning to come up as the topic du jour (am I spelling that right) for the intelligentsia to discuss, I am going to have a really really really hard time if the quality of “debate” is as “fantastic” as that of the one over HCR.


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  1. … this, I was one of the folks waiting for kos to weigh in on this subject, so I’m interested in his take whether I agree with it or not.

    I’m classy that way.

    ha ha ha ha ha aha aha ahahahahaha

  2. see thereisnospoon’s reclist diary,

    whose message appears to be “hire marketers.”

    As the healthcare debacle went on month after month, I didn’t ask myself why the Democratic politicians weren’t pushing single-payer or Medicare for all.  I wanted to know where the Left-leaning organizations were.  Where were the think tanks, the message machine, the newspapers, the whole infrastructure?  Where were the national, well-tested ad campaigns pushing Medicare for All?  Where were the free screenings of Sicko at major movie theaters across the nation, complete with sponsored food & drink for those who attended and signed up to take action?  Where were the mid-cycle ads done by Madison Avenue professionals targeting specific Senators and making them deeply uncomfortable?  Where, in effect, was the message campaign?

  3. Special Comment.

    Calls it a “death panel”.

    I don’t even care about HCR, to me it’s just another sellout.

  4. Maybe I’m just getting cranky (again), but do you really think what Kos says is important? I guess there are people who care what he says and who think it represents something, but I’m not one of those.  And as a result, I really dislike it when his opinions become something we discuss here.  He’s got his own blog (never forget it is his).  So if we want to deal with his views, he’s certainly provided a forum.

    Is this too harsh??  

  5. tells me a lot.

    he is also too young to have the perspective he needs on a lot of these issues.  

    sorry, i see him making lots and lots of missteps and not very interesting ones at that.

    does he have an influence?  i’m not sure.  the site has some sort of backlash influence.

  6. No you are not a nut bag, just continue to speak your mind.  

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