Just in case you missed it…

Anger is flying at Mach 1,000 and everybody who isn’t a member of the Democratic leadership wants to punish the Democrats for their endless betrayals, broken promises, lies, and capitulations.  Well, I seem to remember someone posting ideas for how we can do something more than just bitch and complain.


Just thought I’d remind you so we can start holding discussions for how we can implement these ideas.


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  1. … a great strategist of any kind, much less political.

    What I like about this plan is that it’s not about electoral winning or losing so that makes it quite possible without having to raise endless amounts of money.

    That just really tickles me.  The creative possibilities alone would be a blast.

  2. mode of taking on the Democrats at dkos who are in the throes of morphing into ‘good Germans’ and learning to walk on two legs I missed this excellent diary and plan. This is a great plan. My only concern is about the petition and money. I have worked locally for the democrats even registration and it’s damn hard to get people to even listen to you let alone sign onto a set of principles or a candidate that isn’t a brand name. But then again how did Bernie Sanders get on the ballot.

    On state and city candidates it could be done but once you hit the national party machines and the moneyed interests they have the resources to stop and marginalize any candidate. How could you avoid being like the Libertarians or any other group who organizes outside the entrenched and controlled system including progressives who may be an annoyance but never make a serious dent and are often used as a foil which ends up getting them more solidarity.

    I think your right as it stands the electoral process is no longer useful and we need to get out of denial and find a way to bust up the 2 party’s. Love the name full court press has a good hefty push to it. I would be very much interested. I think the schism in the Democratic party is going to get worse and how it shakes out is going to create opportunities and as I’m always saying politics are not static. Lot’s of anger and disillusion on the progressive end but still no action that really threatens the ‘intolerable status quo’. As for parties the more the merrier, I’m hoping for 4. The Italians however have like 50 and they still got Mussolini’s reincarnation as their president.                    

    • Inky99 on December 15, 2009 at 8:45 am

    is a complete waste of time.

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