If You Don’t Want Republicans In Power, Don’t Act Like Republicans

“If you pressure or criticize the Democrats, the terrorists Republicans will win.”

“You don’t want The Republicans to win, do you?”

The only reason The Republicans will win is if the Dems don’t differentiate themselves from The Republicans.

How do they differentiate themselves from The Republicans?

By giving The People…the base…what they want.

By proving they can govern and legislate FOR THE PEOPLE…not for the System, not for the Corporations, not for the MIC, not for The Bankers…

Not for the Status Quo.

The Status Quo is BROKEN.


The Status Quo is completely stacked in favor of the Ruling Class and it is breaking the backs of everyone else.

The People don’t want a BETTER Status Quo that will just screw them better. They don’t want to tune or adjust this Status Quo that so apparently and painfully does NOT work for The People.

They want a NEW Status Quo.

Preserving and “improving” the Status Quo is what The Republicans do, what the Conservatives do….that is what they are Conserving. They are conserving the Status Quo that makes them rich and powerful at the expense of EVERYBODY else.

THAT is what The People…THE VOTERS…The Base wants to see……CHANGED.

And if you don’t CHANGE it, why in the world do you think The People will vote for you again? After you have broken your promise to bring Change They Can Believe In.

Ain’t Nobody Believing You if all you do is tinker around the edges and call that “reform.” When Insurance stock is skyrocketing………….you can be pretty sure you got suckered Democrats. You got suckered (and bribed)into not only NOT reforming HCR, but into making it worse….for The People.

The People who VOTE.

So don’t come crying to US about putting Repubs back in power.

YOU are the ones who are doing that….by acting JUST like them: Screwing The People and helping the corporations.


Keeping the wars going. Keeping Wall St going. Keeping the corruption going.

While The People are going down the drain. The People who VOTE.

You can publish all the lists of accomplishments you want.

But unless you accomplish something tangibly GOOD…for The People….why in hell do you think they will vote for YOUR lies, over the Republican lies?

Wake up!


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    • Edger on December 18, 2009 at 20:54

    The “Bubble” of false consciousness afflicting the American nation may be at last on the verge of deflating

    By Michael Rectenwald, Founder, Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG)

    December 11, 2009

    Obama diverted the legitimate anger and energy for real change and scuttled it under the fraudulent tent of the Democratic Party. He led millions to the cliff; they are now falling off in droves. Those who’ve not quite gotten to the edge screech and yell: “Wait! Give him time!” Those who gave warning from the outset are not busy casting nets. We welcome the demise of the Democratic Party.

    And that is exactly the Obama Effect. Every last tissue of belief in the Democrats should by now be shred and cast aside. The Democrats are no less the corporate bailers and militarists than the Republicans. They hand trillions to the banks and brokerage firms; they dissolve union contracts and send the workers to the dogs; their unmanned drones bomb Pakistan, killing and maiming innocents and displacing tens of thousands; they sell the same lies about the wars-that they have to do with terrorism or democracy rather than oil and other resources-as their predecessors; they fund the very enemy that they claim to fight; they keep up the same contracts with Blackwater and its successors; they vote for the same war funding; they carry out the same secret renditions; they sanction and continue the same spying on US citizens; they exonerate torturers and war criminals from the previous administration; they are war criminals in complicity with other war criminals.

    For those who hadn’t quite gotten the point before, thanks to Obama’s euphemistic and high-flown rhetorical excesses, no one can now believe that another Democrat, even an apparently more “left” one, will ever deliver a thing that he or she promises. Obama has filled the Democratic hot air balloon to the limit and it has burst. It falls like a failing parachute along with those who trusted it.

    Despite all of this, or rather because of it, Obama has given, albeit unwittingly, a great gift to the majority. He has shown those who still have brainwaves that nevermore should anyone other than a corporate shill believe in a Democrat for any positive change in terms of the vast majority. The one thing that Obama has changed: the credulity accorded Democratic demagoguery.

    Am I merely opening the door for the Republicans to fill the vast void of credibility left by the Democrats, you ask? To answer requires some clarification. The Democrats are one of two levers by which the ruling oligarchy controls the political process to their nearly exclusive advantage. This isn’t a new development-it has merely become too obvious to ignore. The Democrats have left this void. It is not my doing. I recommend that it be filled by a working-class party movement-not a green party, not a libertarian party, not an “independent” party, but a party that is aligned with the vast majority-a party of the workers- workers of farms, of factories, of schools, of construction sites, of the auto industry, of the retail industry, of the research firms, of the institutions of higher education, of banks, of city and other governmental offices-of those who make their livings not from profit but from wages. Every other party in every other country has ended up being just another lever of the ruling oligarchy.

  1. Some times you have to use your power, and hold onto the gains you make. The netroots in tandem with grass roots managed to wedge open the Overton Window enough to let the Democrats get back in power. There they are a majority sitting on a mountain of accumulated dry powder, and pretending that they are still helpless to work for the people, still can’t deliver what they promised.

    It’s not believable it’s now in plain site where they stand. They can blame the republicans, the left of the left, the netroots, but there’s no hiding what they are doing with the power we gave them. They have now turned there lying PR machine our way. Tweedy and the TV are pumping out the message that the progressives are stopping the good. Do not back down, call there bluff instead of thinking something is better then nothing. All you get is nothing called change.

    They are busy redefining what the Democratic Party is by making the base out to be extremists and the enemy of the good. We need to stop aiding and abetting the real enemy.

    I heard this on Hardball from the lackey who was a Bush lover regarding bloggers. We must be doing something right or they would not have us in their sights.  

    “Well I don’t consider them Democrats, I consider them Netroots, they’re different….I’m not sure they’re regular grown up Democrats….I think they are troublemakers who like to seat in the backseat and complain….they get their giggles out of sitting in the backseat and b*tchin!!;…excuse me..that’s a verb'”

    He also said we don’t vote, which is one of their fondest dreams. I don’t consider the people we voted for Democratic, if it walks like a duck….  


    • quince on December 18, 2009 at 21:27

    Sanders? Feingold? Boxer? Anyone?

    Are they our guys or part of the kabuki? I honestly can’t tell right now.  

  2. one must wonder why — are they cut from the same cloth as the Republicans, have they been threatened with a fate worse than death, or have they been promised the equivalent of fifty vestal virgins in the afterlife that follows their fleeting “reign” as the nominal majority party?

    They can’t say they haven’t been warned:

    Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time. — Harry S. Truman

    • banger on December 18, 2009 at 21:34

    The current Democratic Party is somewhere between the Republican Party of Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan. In other words it’s a Right of center party if not a right-wing party. It is not even what it was once a social-democratic party.

    A strong and united left will always be a minority but its very existence would guarantee that the center, wherever it exists will always feel the pull. If the right does all the pulling and the left just complains we have what we have witnessed, essentially, since Reagan.

    There are many reasons for the demise of the left, much of it to do with “identity politics”, political correctness, culture wars, etc., etc. But we have to stop all the relatively trivial stuff and find out what we can rally around and also what issues will not turn off citizens, like culture war issues. These issues have done more to damage the left than nearly anything else. We need to reconnect to the working class in this country and the working class is culturally conservative whether they are white, black, hispanic or asian. We have to find a better way to do business.  

  3. …they’re using in Copenhagen:


    System Change.  Not Climate Change.

    Yes!  System failure requires system change.

  4. It does appear that stopping anything government right now just might be the most benevolent thing for all humanity.  Just stop.  Nothing.  Get your face out of any business whatsoever.  Nothing, no change, no surprises, no false flags, no tazering Grandma, no bailing out Bernie Madoff characters and no mandatory vaccine bioweapons.  Oh, and have I once again said I don’t give a flying fuck about Tiger and his Woodie.

    • Massman on December 19, 2009 at 16:11

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