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Choosing the goal.  Well that’s an idea I haven’t done much with and wouldn’t have a notion of how to present it or if it is even worth presenting.

Let’s put it this way … let’s muse about it.

Oh, first, jeffroby has really captured my imagination with his project (the name of which I forget at the moment … oh, here it is, the Full Court Press).  The idea would be to have a Democratic Party challenger in each and every district in the country.  The goal would not be electoral victory.

So I’m looking at goals.

Most folks who run for office have the goal of getting elected so they can have power.  For better or worse, moral or immoral, etc., being elected gives one power to do things one cannot do in the same way if one is not elected.

What if the goal of running for office was solely to reveal and expose how running for office in the 21st Century is a scandal and a joke and all those other “gasp” revelations that folks eat up like apple pie and so on.

Just as an example.

If the goal were different, then the entire view becomes different.

What is the goal?  To me, it’s to wake up as many folks as possible to the shell game that’s going on the US of A.

And I would like to hear some imaginative goals, unbound by convention or the win/lose bullshit mentality we have been spoonfed, like a goal being for everyone to wear blue shirts for one day and see what that would look like.

Just to break out of the box.

Strategy.  I don’t like strategy, it makes my  head hurt, I can play chess fairly well but I’m not a fan of it.  I am more comfortable in chaos.

Oh well.

So I freely admit this essay lacks even a scintilla of understanding or knowledge about strategy.

Except for the goals part.


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  1. … who shall have ME, NPK THE GREAT, as a working member of their coalition.

    I think I shall start a bidding war.


    • Robyn on December 29, 2009 at 04:11

    …but maybe for rent.

    • pico on December 29, 2009 at 04:22

    Understood why the latter is a headache, but it’s the source of nearly all the rifts on the lefty blogosphere.  We all have most of the same goals, with some wiggle room for disagreement.  But we’re like a roomful of cats when deciding how to get there.

    Or to continue the chess metaphor: we’re all going after checkmate, but we all have different openings.  And different ideas of what the midgame should be.  So we’re fighting about the potential endgame.  Headaches, indeed, because nearly all our fights are about what’s going to happen 20 moves down the road.  Blargh.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi.  I haven’t been by in a while.  Cheers, and happy holidays!

  2. and then all of them go to airports to take a flight. Ever seen those robots that get all fucked up when their is too much overload?  

    Sorry, probably not a goal you were looking for!  

  3. No matter what you are not going to wake up the vast numbers in the Brittany Spears set. Never in all the history of humankind has this happened.

    The veils are outside of the box.


    It is getting easier though.  Everything mainstream media tells you comes directly from the highest of Satan’s minions.  When you apply anti-thesis to mainstream you will then be able to discern their top American society destruction program priorities just as clear as day.  You don’t even have to be religious, I’m using Satan here to denote the evil parasitic nature of a system which says people are “free” and then mandates all kinds of behaviors such as having to hire “professionals” who tell you what you can and can not do with the fruits of your own labor.

    How you are “free” but corporate can frisk my wife anytime they please.  

    The largest parcel would include not giving energy to the evil ones.

    You know they have suppressed free cheap abundant energy for all for the past 60 years.

    You know they have suppressed cheap cures for diseases for the past 60 years.

    You rethink investing in a 401K which supports globocorp in exploiting the labor potentials of Vietnam thus depriving your grandson of any upward mobility potential possibilities and do something else.

    I mean you got one patsy again put on a plane.  Everybody over eighteen gets their own tazer device upon boarding an airplane, end of story.

    One theory of 2012 has a CME creating such an electrical surge as to fry the power grid and all electronic chips.  

    They what.

  4. We work from the ground up.  First we find quality citizens, say in Vancouver WA where I live.  We support their involvement in local politics first.  City council stuff maybe.  Then when the timing is right go for Brian Baird’s open spot in SW WA.  Win it, now we’ve got a ground up solid progressive (even tho I now hate that term) as a representative.  Keep doing that, all over the country, until we get a least a 70 seat majority at least.  

    Then, wa la (hillbilly french), we’ll stop spending $1 trillion dollars per year on defense and national security; we’ll dismantle at least 80% of our 1000 bases worldwide, the SCOTUS will overturn the corporation as a person statute; the federal reserve will be abolished; we’ll get single payer health insurance; and the Glass/Steagall Act will be reenacted.  Problem solved.

    So you’re right, it all in the goals.  

    • Robyn on December 29, 2009 at 04:59


  5. Running in 435 sends a message that there is an organized force out there that is on their case.

    The message is important.  But the SPREAD is just as important.  That’s why the emphasis is on filing, not the results of any one race or races.

    It’s a little hard for people to wrap their heads around this, aren’t comfortable with organizational questions in general.  But necessity is the best teacher.

    Thank you, NPK

  6. Personally, I’d like a couple like this in 2010.

  7. we should start a fund.  A fund which invests in the most putrid corporatist securities we can find, and time the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ to coincide with legislation being proposed, depending on which way we think it’s going to go (hint: it always favors the MIC, insurers or bankers).  This way, we can fund our other activism and have an impact, albeit, a tiny one, on the marketplace.  Hit ’em where they live.  Just think if we had invested in Haliburton in 2002 when it was all but forgotten as a stock.    

    Then jeff roby’s strategy can work on some level.  We just wouldn’t have enough finds directly to do much of anything before that.  

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