Fry It Again Sam Sell Me a Future

CT search involves the risk of “viruses” magically appearing on my computer.  This particular on comes in the form of a popup saying let us scan…..Ctrl alt delete didn’t work so hard shut off was required.  The the usual three hours of undoing the damage.

The total data mining marketing program count was 172.  I wonder what they thought of my internet “purchasing” habits.  They try to sell me everything amounting to nothing.  What do I want?  A future.

What could ads@doubleclick sell me?  A course in remote viewing, the bending of spoons using only your mind, anti-aging herbs and the Rife frequencies against the newly released swine based recombinants.  The latest intel from the Ukraine or Copenhagen.  The in thing nobody has thought about.  A master global Awake and Aware index.

Based upon 911 truth, if one can accept the MIHOP stance then what else in American history has been a false flag.  The magic pristeen trajectory changing JFK bullet comes to mind, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Bay of Pigs, the Shah of Iran, Iran Contra, the Edward R Murrah building, Waco, Kissinger’s NSSM2000 and a new take on the Apollo space program.  Yes we did go to the moon but aliens helped?  Why do CT?  None of it treats you like a five year old like lamestream does.  

Lamestream is just offensive.  Today, NBC I recall insisted on telling me the proper protocols in tipping my mailman should I care to this Christmas Season.  Don’t try to sell me “ethics” of no cash, nothing over $50 in value based upon the original Satanic themes of Sarbanes-Oxley.  You may, globalist assholes go fuck yourselves with your we actually own our employees attitudes.  You may,must actually go and get your swine vaccine, I ain’t burying your ass later either.  My wife is supposed to not let her outside activities be a conflict of interest with the interests of The Center, vendors and contractors of The Center.  None of which has been defined/identified/elusidated upon in any way by The Center.  

The Center has required binding arbitration, anytime searches, fingerprint scanners to enter the building and surveillance cameras instead of cost of living wage increases.  And you have a fit when morale sucks?  Here again the micro mirrors the macro.  Shit does flow downhill.

A historical calendar featured the local TB hospital.  Built in 1928, only ten years after 1918 “Spanish Flu”.  Yup, the wheels are turning.