F@#$ THIS CEO-Monopoly Care! I will NOT pay tribute to the insurance gods

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   Pre- existing conditions? They are still in there, only now, instead of getting denied they get to jack the price up 3X and you’ll be FORCED to buy something, and without competition who are you gonna choose? THEY WILL ALL CHARGE THE SAME CLIMBING PRICE!

    Yearly caps? They are STILL IN THERE!

    Death Panels? For Profit death panels, you betcha.

    And loopholes, loopholes, loopholes!

    I’m sorry, but Obama is NOT FDR. This is NOT the same political climate as when Social Security was passed or when Medicare was passed. Hell, this isn’t even the same century!

    So get over the fact that you have been TOTALLY SCREWED at this point and do something about it. This bill, as it stands, is so poisoned it should be killed and began again from the start, no matter how long and painful it might be. This CAN be dealt with in a year or two when the Conservative Wing of the Democratic part loses in droves, because that is coming one way or another.

    I am PISSED, and you should be pissed too, cause we’re getting SCREWED on this deal. The ONLY winners are the political class and the special interests. Consumers are getting sold down the river.

          Death Panels! For Profit death panels. How does that strike you? Their still alive! Worse, now they are mandatory. There will still be a profit motive to whether you live or die, and how much money you will lose over it will be profit based too, which means the cost keeps going up up UP and they will always have an incentive to screw you.

   You are getting sold out. There is NO REGULATIONS that will stop insurers from cross state lines and setting up shop just like they did, cartel style, I won’t go into your territory if you don’t go into mine style regional monopolies or worse, big credit card style Too Big To Fail Insurers that set up shop in the weakest regulated states and then go berzerk by corrupting the politicians there, such as Delaware and North Dakota have done. Do you want that? It’s called a Monopoly, and I know how that game is played, only one person wins and I normally lose.

   A percentage of our incomes will be FORCED into a CEO’s Wallet!

   A percentage of our incomes will be FORCED into their profits!

   Exchanges? It makes it like Credit Card style Health Insurers! You want that? Just look at how credit card “reform” turned out.

   Remember how they went back and “fixed” Medicare Part D? Oh, right . . . .

    This bill WILL NOT get “fixed”, get that thought out of your head ASAP, because it’s a load. These bills don’t get FIXED, hell, it would be easier to “fix” it under reconciliation since the bills must be voted on again at a later date to reapprove of and amend the original bill, hence the 60 vote fetish. They don’t want the GOP taking over and stripping out the changes, but when the changes make things worse for the consumers I am certain the GOP won’t be looking to overturn any insurance changes very hard.

    This bill can NOT be fixed. It must be restarted in a genuine fashion. By genuine, I mean NOT Corrupt.

    And it is corrupt. The insurers have bought every side of this debate, at every turn thee was some one taking insurance money. First the Conservative/Blue Dog alliance that undermines democracy, as voters thought they had a Democratic majority, bu no. Then Sen. Grassley (The Family-IO) and Sen. Baucus (Blue Cross-MT) played their kabuki, all while astroturfed protests arose and Sarah Palin’s “Death Panels” became en vogue.

    And all the while, the Monopolies had us right where they wanted us.

    Obama gave a speech and said something about the public option and some idiot shouted YOU LIE, ad did we debate the actual bills? Or did we wave at the phantoms of an honest debate that had been hijacked by a monopoly that was fighting BOTH SIDES of the battle, writing speeches for BOTH PARTIES to support AND oppose this bill, driving the conversation at every turn. While Free Market ChristoFascists like Joe Pitts (R-PA) and Bart Stupak (D-MI)drove the debate into restricting womens rights we said nothing, when money went into the bill for faith based healing we said nothing, or if we id we were ignored, as always, and still the monoplies played their games with us, controlling the Yes AND No votes,until we ended up here, under a Spineless As Always Democratic Leadership in the Senate that has allowed Joe Fucking Lieberman to command the lead role of the debate after we as a party have done NOTHING but strip away a bill for the Grassley’s and Enzi’s and Snowe’s and Blue Dogs an every other shmuck paid by the insurance monopolies and their lobbyists to turn something they call SOCIALISM and a GUVMINT TAKEOVAH! into what actually is a Corporate Christmas Jamboree. CEO’s will pop champagne when this bill passes and Milton Friedman, ever wrong, will smile in his grave, ornate as it probably is for the man who discovered how to talk people in to robbing themselves.

    And every time Rahm kicked the progressives we got mad, but couldn’t get mad at Obama, as if Rahm just does what he wants. Does Rahm Emanuel work for President Obama? Or does Emanuel do what Obama tells him to do? Did you not just see the White House spit on Howard Dean but say jack shit about Joe Fucking Lieberman? Are you watching the same thing I am?

    Bill Clinton told every one at netroots nation that we would get ponies the second health care reform passed, now he is saying to pass the bill ASAP as it is. This from the same fucking guy who told us NAFTA was great, and so was Gramm/Leech/Bliley, and Welfare Reform, and all the other triangulations that Bill went through between the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do and whatever the hell the Republicans were freaking out over.

    Bill Clinton, who signed Republican bills while they were frigging impeaching him, who always stayed to the creamy, calorie filled center, ho got us fat on deregulating wall street, and even then the Republican freak out machine was crazy as hell, and they are even worse now. By a lot.

    And did they Dems fight those baseless, insanely corrupt Republicans then? No. They ran Joe Fucking Lieberman with Al Gore, as if to apologize for Bill being popular and having teh sex. They got whupped because they didn’t fight. Just like they didn’t fight the swiftboat attacks and FAUX NOISE machine when Kerry and John Edwards ran. Did they fight then? No. And we lost.

    Did we fight the Bush tax cuts for the rich? No. Not even the second time. Democrats passed the Patriot Act almost unanimously (save Sen. Feingold), FISA, sent troops and tons and tons of money, tax payer money at that to Iraq over and over and over. Did Democrats do anything? No. They got rolled, or went along with it. The Military Complex Monopolies won there. The American forces got outsourced and privatized, gutted and underfunded, joust like ever other public sector since the craze of Milton Friedman’s Chicago School of unfettered free market capitalism sprang upon the world in response to FDR’s NEw Deal and John Maynard Keynes’s brand of economics. Since then, it has been a battle between consumers and Corporations, labor and Corporations, executives over shareholders, capital over humanity. Greed is good now. Empathy is weakness. Vampire capitalism can not go on, but it is, now more than ever, and Barack Obama is The President of The United States.

    Since the years of Ronald Reagan we have see the Religious Right merged with this vampire capitalism, embodied in the free market purity of unfettered capitalism. Notice the word purity. Purity in Faith. Purity in Ideology. Purity in our drinking water. These people are also known as EXTREMISTS. Free Market extremism bound up with an extremist supremacist view of Christianity, a view so skewed and illogical in their case that they embrace TORTURE and reject EMPATHY. You can’t feel sorry for people if greed is good and you are robbing them.

     We learned of C Street and The Family just this year, a decades old CULT of Super Rich and Powerful people who believe in a JesusHitlerCaligula god who has a “Special people” who aren’t subject to normal laws. Meanwhile we have always had the John Birch society, another Economic Libertarian group who share the same Friedmanite purity of small Government and Free Markets. These policies benefit special interests, big corporate wealth and the wealthy the most, and at every turn the for profit Corporations and their monopolies have ben there right ahead of us.

    We go to war for nothing and cost never matters, states are stripping down their public sectors because of budget shortfalls caused by the private sector, we outsourced all of our jobs in America, the only thing we do know is consumer foreign goods, trade foreign goods, perform petty labor or services and make more and more excuses. Excuses are all that are ever made for the systematic and thorough DESTRUCTION of Organized Labor, the Manufacturing Sector and the public sector that employed and cared for the middle and lower class.

     The lower class. Poor people. I consider myself one of them. Always have.

    And now you can too. The Middle Class is DEAD. Has been for a while. There IS NO MIDDLE CLASS SPOON. There is just you and the spoon. Is your silver, or not.

     And as the middle class died the Too Big To Fail banks arose, with their monopolies and their wealthy, super rich billionaires, the Warren Buffet’s, T Boone Pickens’s, The David Koch’s and the Mike Bloomberg’s, and as everyone else got poorer the super rich billionaires got richer. The American small business perished and Big Box stores moved in with imported goods, and business owners became employees, and unions were busted and forced out and WalMart moved in. You made less, prices kept going up and always there was some distraction, some excuse, some more important issue, like Korea or Vietnam or Iran or Nicaragua or Iraq or Kosovo or Iraq or Afghanistan or Iraq or Afghanistan. Or Pirates.

    At every turn the military industrial complex wins. Their Corporate cronies let Haliburton and KBR go insane, Blackwater gets torture outsourced straight to it, Boeing runs kidnapping flights to black sites, at very turn we are told we need more troops or there is some new fight coming, be afraid, oh my god, what could happen, fear, death, taxes.

    The Corporations win every fucking turn. They own damn near ALL of our politicians. Health Care Reform is DEAD under this bill. This is MonopolyCare. CEOcare. This is FORCING people to give their money to someone whether you want to or not. Not just taxes, which I can stand, but FOR PROFIT, privatized taxes. Slaves to the system, or, at best, indentured servants, fettered to a for profit system because of an extremist, elitist ideology that demands no fetters for itself in all profit’s so called perfect purity.

    The Corporate corrupt on the right shriek about jibberish, derail the debate with lies, and acts against the interests of this country. Libertarian Conservative ad Neo-Liberal Unfettered Free Market economic are the enemy of every American, rich or poor. For the poor, the have nots, the proletariat and plebians, just as in health insurance, it is literal a matter of life or death. And yet even in these matters corporate profits are given supremacy over the benefits to the actual recipients of this “Care”. The farce is both sad and outrageous. Our democracy has truly failed when an oligarchy of the few, the powerful, the Super Rich and their lifeless, undying Corporate Persons, which enjoy every right first over actual citizen/consumer/employees, thus limiting our own liberty and freedom, as well as our equality. How can a person have equality with an immortal Too Big To Fail Vampire Corporation competing against his interests at every turn.

    This must stop. It is bad for the rich too, as I mentioned before. Eventually the system will break, and a misinformed, ill educated, weakened nation ill not be able to cope with it. Neo Conservative/Neo Liberal Unfettered Libertarian style Capitalism is the worst enemy America has eve faced, and it is destroying her, bankrupting her, corrupting and killing her at every turn, urged on by a godless, faithless greed that knows no allies and stands over all, a monolithic hand off power over the entire will of a nation, twisting that will to it’s desires despite the ill it would do, a god of greed, war, torture and lawlessness, one that makes things up as it goes along and can deny truth in a heartbeat.

    This for profit, greed driven drive for ideological purity is sociopathic. It is not sustainable, and it is slowly eroding the power, health and viability  of America. I call it Corporatism. It has declared me it’s enemy over and over again, and it has done so to you as well. Every time you said no it said yes. Every time it got what it wanted, no matter who was in charge or what the issue was. Now it wants YOU to be REQUIRED to BUY their BULLSHIT, after robbing you for years now they will hold you captive. This is worse than a bad bill. This is bad for America.

    It must be stopped. Not just LIEbermanCare, or CEOCare, or MonopolyCare, or whatever the hell name you want to attach to this FUBAR attempt at a good idea. Not just this Corporate Sham, but ALL of the Corporate Shams, and first and foremost should be the issue of how our politicians are CORRUPTED BY and BEHOLDEN TO Corporations, Special Interests, The Military Industrial Complex and the him of the Super Rich and their purist, hypocritical, supremacist views and the cure of unfettered free market vampire capitalism.

   No reform without breaking up the monopolies, not for health care reform, banks, the MIC, anything. It can’t be reform if it isn’t allowed to fuck up corporate profits. This health care reform bill is a Christmas gift that we should burn, one for the same bastards who have been lying to us, robbing us and killing us for years and years. The ONLY WAY any reform can work is if you give the reformed coal instead and give the Christmas Present to the people, those voters/consumers/employees who aren’t millionaires. Many of them will have to figure out whether to pay or insurance or buy groceries. Don’t let the Monopolies decide for us.

   Because I will NOT pay Tribute to The Oligarchy.

   Class war, and guess what, it is the Super Rich Billionaires and Their Vampire Capitalism Corporations versus everyone else.

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    Sorry to eat up so much of the front page, but I thought you Dharma Bums might like this.



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  1. Drag me off to jail, fine me, whatever, poverty is officially against the law if this FUBAR, LIEberman approved monstrosity is what we get.

    • Inky99 on December 18, 2009 at 04:50

    Great rant.  

    I’m with you all the way.

  2. I’m tired and hitting the hay, but I like it.  Just saying.  

    • Joy B. on December 18, 2009 at 18:34

    more than by-God tithes for this royal ass-f*cking, and I’ll refuse. Civil disobedience is my response. I will not buy the junk, I will not pay the “fine.” Everybody else can do whatever they want about it, but if enough do what I’ll do there’s not a damned thing they can do. And if they throw me in prison they’ll have to provide free medical care. That’s a fine irony.

  3. … what are we to do?

    I am suggesting that we DISENGAGE from the healthcare fight.  It’s over, beyond our control.  The cries to make it better are designed to keep us fixated on this moment while other schemes are afoot.  See my diary here:


    The best we can make of this debacle at this point is to carry what we’ve learned in this round into the next, rather than starting from scratch once more.

  4. The ULTIMATE cure for this kind of bullshit – the bullshit credit reform, the bullshit health care reform, the bullshit legislation coming out of DC which fucks the American public and pampers the corporations – the ultimate cure for this so that it will never happen again:

    Public Finance of federal-level Political Campaigns – ALL of them.

    When that happens, Congress will serve We the People.  Until then, just bend over and take it.  Until we get private money out of public office, we deserve every good screwing we get.  And we’re getting a mighty hard screwing lately, aren’t we?

    Celtic Merlin


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